Narce Trees

Nacre trees (Khaya senegalensis A.Juss) Of them Xoan (Meliaceae) Nacre or monkey skull (binomial nomenclature: Khaya senegalensis) is a plant belonging They Xoan (Meliaceae). Nacre grows trees in Benin, Burkina… Read more

Oriole Flower Trees

Vietnam Name: Oriole Latin name: Saraca dives They are: Beans – Fabaceae Group: The average tree Description: Tree height of 10 -15 m gold he better, ovoid canopy. Large leaves,… Read more

Water Hyacinth

Difficulty: Easy Lighting: Medium Temperature: 5-26 ° C Water hardness: very soft – hard PH: 6-8 Tree structure: Floats on water Development speed: Very Fast They: Azollaceae Chi: Azolla Region:… Read more