Planting Banyan Trees

Raise: Banyan tree planted in the tropics (Bailey and Bailey 1976). The banyan tree is the largest tree in the world by itself and tree width (Riffle 1998) with some… Read more

Cuban Royal Palm

Cuban Royal Palm is a plant which introduced from the Americas. They are also called Belly bridge, Cuban Royal Palm has the scientific name: Roystonia regia, family: Arecaceae. Column 8… Read more

Thyme: Perfect Spice

Origin Ancient Egyptians used thyme embalming practices. Ancient Greeks used it in the bathroom and burned it as incense in temples, believing that it is the source of courage. The… Read more


Degree of difficulty: Medium Layout: Backscene Lighting: Medium Temperature: 17-28 ° C Water Hardness: Soft – Hard PH: 5-8 Tree Structure: Body length Family: Amaranthaceae Genus: Alternanthera Region: Central America… Read more