Carambola and planting instructions

Carambola is a tall bush trees, evergreen, woody, could reach 8 to 10 meters, much lower stems and branching. Carambola tree wood is very brittle, easily broken, so the folk… Read more

How to pruning for art bonsai tree

Landscaping trees can be trimmed to the maximum extent in April, because this is the season of growth and development of plants, but how to cut and perfectly trimmed so… Read more

Planting Mango Trees

Planting mango fruit Fruit planted with mango trees, we need to care about sewing technique for high yield. 1. Land: Mango trees can grow on various types of land: the… Read more

Parsley leaves

Feature-cultivated areas In the first year, parsley formed shoots, rhizomes and the leaves, the second year the plant flowers. We are the preferred species withstand moisture and cold, seeds can… Read more