Fig trees care and techniques

Fig trees propagation techniques – Fig trees can be propagated by seed or by extracting branches, cuttings, but the fact is propagated by seed gives more attention for healthy seedlings,… Read more

Globosa and its planting….

There are many different names such as: Chrysanthemum or Zinnia. There is a science name “Gomphrena globosa”, amaranth (Amaranthaceae source) in whole the countries in Asia such as India. There… Read more

Herbaceous Peony Raspberry

One of our top five favorite herb plants for garden display and cut flower is Raspberry Sundae. It is a constant development in the decades of gorgeous perfume, fragrant. Read more

Passion fluit and planting’s

Passion fluitĀ (two parts : Xingshan, passionflower) is a kind of vine plant for many years and cattle grow up their climb up vines. Is a kind of passionflower (Passiflora), passion… Read more