Canary Trees (Yellow Osaka Flower Trees)

Osaka trees yellow flowers flowering plant also known as canary, Cassia fistula
Osaka plant morphological characteristics yellow flowers:

Body, canopy, leaf: Trees medium, high 10 – 20 m, body smooth and round, ramified branch long, soft erect. Pinnate compound leaves with 3-8 double greens, thick light blue, slightly mold on the underside.


Flowers, fruits and seeds: Beam yellow flowers grow from the leaf axils falls, long 30 – 50cm with many long-stemmed flower ranked sir. The average large flower lemon yellow, soft petals and blooms gradually expanded from the root to tip. Large fruit, long 30 – 40cm. Seeds flattened, piece. Flowering seasons: the dry season (about 3-7 months).

Physiology, ecology Osaka trees yellow flowers:

Growth rates: Quick.

Fit: easy to grow trees to adapt to many different living conditions. However grows best when soil porosity, drainage and lighting completely. Grain crops.

We can say, trees blooming yellow flowers Osaka in summer followed with apricot spring, making beautiful natural scenery and endless how. One of the yellow flowering plants bloom in clusters do not lose it tomorrow are grown as ornamental plants, which is the Osaka plant, also known as United Hoang Yen, Hoang Lan.

Osaka tree originating from Japan. You will enjoy seeing the trees have yellow flowers grow in thick clusters, are sung in full bloom, very beautiful pendant.

United canary is the national flower of Thailand and here it is called dok Khuen; Its yellow flowers symbolizing the Thai royal family.

Canary flowers are flowers symbolizing the Indian state of Kerala. United canary ritual significance of Vishu festival. In India, 20 rupees stamp canary-shaped flowers.

Osaka is building tree trees, beautiful flowering plants, widespread, growing fast, not too high and horizontal roots and adhesive. Flowering variety, the foliage should prevail over all is very popular as an ornamental plant in gardens, parks, villas, houses and adorn the other structures.

This plant if potted ornamental as it can control the flowering time in the Lunar New Year.


Osaka is one of the tree species bloom throughout the year. Trees have bright yellow blossoms with special shapes canary named flowers. Osaka is grown as an ornamental in many countries around the world and has been the medical records for a long time in Indian pharmacopoeia. It is called the “eradication”.

Plants used to treat symptoms such as high fever, arthritis, constipation, bleeding patterns or bleeding, cardiovascular disorders, neurological diseases and certification excess stomach acid.

Effects in medicine: all parts of the plant have medicinal effects, but results are key components of this medicine.

1. laxative effect:

2. Relieve cold:

3. The antipyretic effects:

4. Relieve intestinal disorders:

5. Relieve chills intoxicated by drugs:

6. Treatment of skin diseases:

7. Leaves longer treat edema, joint pain or mild paralysis.

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