Lagerstroemia: Planting techniques (part 1)

II. Techniques seed collection, planting seedlings and trees Lagerstroemia

1. Collecting, processing and storage of seeds Bang Lang

– Collect seed varieties Lagerstroemia on the mother plant from 5 years old. Trees Lagerstroemia selected mother must have good form, straight stem, DBH from 6 m or more, leaves them, no pests, topless, trees grow very pretty, just picking the ripe fruit . Signs identify ripe fruit: The fruit changes color from green to gray.

– Fruit harvested Lagerstroemia must take immediate processing. Classification results, the unripe was incubated into piles (piles no more than 50 cm high and have ventilation) from 2-3 days for ripening evenly, 1 time per day island. Ripe fruits are dried in the sun to bring scattered light (2 -3 sun) for separating particles from the results. Once separated from the fruit seeds to be right in order to avoid the effects of high temperatures, remove impurities, floaters. When exposed to the island several times a day mixed. No exposure Lagerstroemia results on the concrete; exposure only on canvas, poles, baskets, flat baskets, … County Lagerstroemia after continued exposure collecting 1-2 in the sun, bring sift out trifles, collecting good seeds into cloth bags or jars, jars taken security trousers.

2. Create the Bang Lang tree

2.1 How land sown with lentils

Choose light sandy soil, fine, particle size less than 2 mm, 1m wide bed surface, high ledges beds 15-20 cm, width 1.2 m bed legs. Once into a flat bed surface, water the soil moist enough to reseed. Disinfect the soil before sowing 1 day by Benlat (6g Benlat dissolved in 10 liters of water are sprayed for 100 m2) or 1% solution of Bordeaux to nursery bed surface spray doses of 1 liter / 4 m2.

2.2 Handling grain varieties Bang Lang

Lagerstroemia varieties seeds before sowing is soaked in potassium permanganate (KMnO4) concentration of 0.05% for 10 minutes, then take out and washed and soaked in water 400C for 6-8 hours.

2.3 Seeding Bang Lang

Mix the seeds with dry sand Lagerstroemia in proportion: 1 part grain + 3 parts sand. When sowing seed to slowly, gently to ensure seed is sprayed over the soil. After finishing sowing covered 1 layer (3-4 mm) coated onto fine sand. Light watering a little water in a bottle fitted with showers for enough moisture for germination. Use straw (or hay, dry leaves) were disinfected with lime in order to cover the bed surface. Are watered daily (morning and evening), enough moisture. After 3-4 days, seedlings are sprouting, remove cover layer material (straw, hay, dry leaves).

2.4 Preparation of potting soil

Use a PE bag containing 7 x 12 cm potting mixes, potting composition of 80% AB + 20% ground floor compost has decomposed. Potting soil is made small floor beats mixed with feces and conducted close election. Potting filming rated stand, line up on each bed has a width of 0.8 to 1 m, arbitrary length, the distance between two rows is 0.4 m.

2.5 Transplanting trees and care for trees Lagerstroemia varieties

After sowing Lagerstroemia is 3-4 weeks, high seedlings 3-4 cm to transplant into pots spit. Before uprooting trees transplanted into pots Lagerstroemia need for bed soaked with water before planting and seedbed elected for 1 hour. Incubated in the sun 100% from 5-6 days. Once the plants take root Lagerstroemia gradually dismantling the cover off, until the seedling is from 1 – 1.5 months, then lifted and carried the island entirely elected.

Tree Lagerstroemia child care: Always make sure to plant enough moisture in the first 03 months, every day watering 4-5 liters / m2 / 1 times, 15 days out weeding and watering times scum 1 manure or NPK mixed 1% dilution. If the trees are gold or silver leaf whistle nitrogen sulphate and superphosphate used to irrigate crops, 0.1% concentration phase – watering 0.2% 2.5 liter / m2 two days watering 1 times, after watering distributed to rinse with cold water for irrigation.

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