The rules of urban landscape designing

Urban landscape and the design of it plays a role in the decision to order and organized for the city. Here are 25 principles that oriented to urban landscape design which collected by us.
1. Nostalgia to the past and dream of utopias about the future have protected us from superficial look at current issues, landscape architecture must overcome psychological barriers.
2. is a natural line of change that people are lying in the flow. Evolution is located in the main history of them. ECO is our understanding of what they are in existence and existence
3. All things in nature is changing. Landscape artists need to ensure designs meet the change, while still looking the new expression language and aims to enhance the link between human coexistence and the surrounding natural environment.
4. Shape the landscape summarized in the assumptions are not visible. To them, mining needs associated with economics and confused with the issue of aesthetics
5. The decisions/precedents in history does not support the popular prejudice that human intervention in nature is always harmful.
6. The changes that have taken place before our eyes. Landscape artists and architects need to this change a name and make them available and practical. Professionals about aesthetics need to transform the relationship between humans and the rest of the natural system in the public space.
7. The landscape must have the appeal of high visual, functional links and supported by the community as important for new features of the landscape vivid descriptions of our current world.
8. Landscape-through the new landscape design principles-infiltrate the city and adjust the way of life and our activities.
9. the new landscape could become the residence for the new species, strains, attract them out of its old residence environment.
10. new views of the Green system as a set of related species and strains of adjustment, support each other, symbiotic rather than each separate species, strains, shown fluidity-a form of shape for the shape of the landscape
11. The familiar images of nature is ready to be accepted, but like a stage is carefully prepared as used wrong purposes by human ignorance
12. In the history of garden design modern (l780), Horace Walpole once said to William Kent is: this is the first step to pass boundaries and demonstrate that the entire natural environment is a garden. Today, the landscape is already beyond its boundaries in a direction opposite of the city and the city became a part of the natural
13. The existing urban space can be freed from the threat of the existing interaction with the natural environment
14. landscape artists can help reveal the natural resources located in the city, thus defined and new features for the municipality
15. The landscape can create space, meet people where each person interested in the shape of space, exploring why and how they formed and evolved, was respectfully
16. The landscape, like the moments, never created again when has passed. The main computer for the weather and not fixed this is an important property of landscape design
17. We can emphasize a desire for new interaction between humans and nature, where there is very little hope, the space and have yet to clearly define rang.
18. The emergence of landscape elements become a new factor to the political arena
19. in response to the city of architecture as a constant participation in response to climatic factors, terrain and history
20. The landscape can manifest the idea of perspective artist doesn’t need to impress strongly defined the meaning before.
21. The landscape can make a bridge between us and the other components of nature, between man and the river.
22. The landscape becomes a major factor of urban space, not merely the place to come.
23. The boundary between landscape and architecture is not clear, and are linked together in a way that
24. The landscape like the need a poem, are suggestive and expand for maximum industry interaction and to interprets the most sense
25. We must put the cities of the 21st century in a more natural environment and bringing in the natural environment in the city. Bring the city into natural means using technical systems have similar function operating function simulation of natural and comes from the core of the lobbying law.

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