Terrarium miniature art and steps

Have you ever thought that you garden and have a small garden in a small glass jar? With the Terrarium art installation, you absolutely can do that.
Terrarium miniatures are popular and loved because each work is a mini garden that does not take up much space, and resembles the tiny fairy world where the elves live, so it is very suitable for decoration and decoration. for the gift. With a price that is not too high, you can already own or make your own masterpiece. Let’s make a Terrarium with your own identity with Phuong Garden.

terrarium miniatures

What is Terrarium miniature?
Terrarium is the art of arranging mini plants into pots or transparent glass bottles.

Mini bonsai grown in bottles, vases, glass containers… will be absorbed by sunlight, increasing the artistry and brilliance of your Terrarium miniatures. Inside the glass is the whole process of growing the flora that is vividly displayed that you can observe.

The art of creating is special to the Terrarium. Depending on inspiration, creativity and flexibility, most Terrarium miniatures are not quite the same.

Terrarium taxonomy

Terrariums are classified into 2 types: closed and open. Each type will be a different ecological environment, so the plants will also be different.

Closed terrarium: With this type, the habitat will closely resemble the humid tropics. Therefore, tropical plants such as Air plants, Ferns, Orchids… will be suitable for this ecosystem. Caring for a closed Terrarium is very simple, you just need to open the lid and water depending on the type of bonsai grown in the vase.

Open Terrarium: Plants suitable for growing in this environment must be dry and light-loving plants such as Lotus Stone, Cactus… This is an open ecosystem, so after a period of time water and nutrients will be lost. In this case, you need to water 1-2 times/month and fertilize about once/month for the whole ecosystem to develop well.

How to make miniature Terrarium
Just passion and creativity, you can create your own Terrarium work. Let’s work with Phuong Garden step by step to make this masterpiece.

Prepare materials
Materials needed to make a mini garden are easy to find, you can buy them at some bonsai stores. However, in general, the materials will include:

You can use cups, cups, glass bottles, make use of old items such as aquariums, glass spheres, light bulbs, glass kettles… to make planters.

One note is that you should choose pots or jars that must be deep enough for the roots to cling to. If using old objects, they should be washed with soap before planting.

The best soil for growing miniatures is Tribat soil to ensure porosity, adequate nutrients and good moisture retention for plants.

You can use small garden pebbles or colorful stones that both help drain the bottom of the pot and decorate the surface.

You should remember to buy more activated carbon to support against mold and bacteria harmful to plants. Besides, moss carpet, moss also helps absorb excess water and use surface decoration, so remember to add it to the list of ingredients.

Bonsai and accessories
The ideal plants to make Terrarium are succulent plants, but succulents, cacti… There are also some types such as Tongue, Air plants, Ferns… these plants has strong vitality, withstands harsh environments and has a fairly long lifespan, so it is a perfect fit.

Decorative accessories such as mini models, models of tables and chairs, stairs, hills, lawns, snail shells, animals, colorful stones… are all suitable for terrarium decoration. Depending on your preferences, creativity and Terrarium style, you can choose the right accessories.

Support tools
Some help of chopsticks, pliers, scissors, tongs, small spoon will help you complete the Terrarium better.

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