The secret to choosing bonsai in the decoration of restaurants and cafes

Let’s explore with how to choose and arrange plants and flowers suitable for your coffee shop in the article below!
Bonsai is not only used to create a space that is close and friendly to people and nature, but also has many feng shui meanings, helping to support the work of the owner. With any coffee shop, the appearance of bonsai not only brings beauty and feng shui meaning but also shows vitality and dynamism alternating with tranquility for the space.

Green trees in the cafe

To choose a plant, decorate a flower at a cafe is not easy. Here are some tips in decorating bonsai in the cafe that you should know.

Notes when choosing bonsai for the cafe
Placement of trees
You need to pay attention that you should not put bonsai anywhere you like. You must choose a place with a lot of light, airy, not obstructing the view of customers. In particular, in places such as the foot of stairs and corridors, only small pots and flowers should be placed to facilitate movement.

If the space of the shop is limited, not enough to decorate more ornamental plants, you can quickly choose a wooden shelf in the form of a bookshelf to easily decorate a variety of plants, creating a breakthrough and creativity for your shop. me. You can also hang plants in glass vases, bottles… creating a special point for the cafe space.

How to choose a tree
Another point you need to keep in mind is that not all plants that can be displayed in your space will be suitable and have good feng shui meanings. Therefore, you need to carefully refer to the feng shui meaning, planting and care of the tree before choosing to decorate in the shop.

choose trees for the cafe

A coffee shop with good feng shui is a harmonious combination of space and decoration, the color of decorative objects, the same goes for ornamental plants. You should be very careful in choosing bonsai colors for the shop.

One of the things that impress customers not only through sight, taste but also hearing. You should choose plants with a scent to create a special feature, which can include some feng shui plants that have the ability to deodorize such as mint, fern, rhododendron …

You also can not ignore the location of the cashier counter, this is where the money of the shop is kept, so feng shui should be enhanced. The most suitable tree for decoration here is the Kim Money tree. The tree symbolizes abundance, abundance of money, resilient and sustainable development, helping to attract fortune for the shop.

This is an easy-to-grow climbing plant, so it is suitable for making a set of vines in the shop. Ivy has a unique beauty with small, young leaves that are light green and will darken over the years.

This plant is a symbol of abundant life, bringing luck and peace to the owner. Decorating the cafe with this plant will make guests feel more relaxed and peaceful.

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