Varieties of succulent plants and their symbolic significance

For a long time, succulent has become a hobby and a favorite ornamental plant of young people and office workers today. Not only because the small tree is suitable for office space, but also because of the hidden meaning behind each small potted plant.

As water hyacinths, they are easy to live, well adapted and have strong endurance. This is the most well-known meaning of the succulent plant. In love, succulent represents stability, loyalty, and color. A rose represents intense and burning love and a succulent pot represents pure, lasting love. This is why many loving couples often give each other succulents as if they wanted to say something.

Office workers often choose succulents because they represent the will to overcome adversity. Putting a pot of succulent at the desk reminds us to be resilient and not succumb to the pressures of work, always rising like those small succulent branches.
In addition, in feng shui, succulent also carries special meanings to facilitate work, promotion and bring good fortune to growers. Depending on each person’s destiny, different types of succulents should be planted. Because each type has its own unique feng shui meaning. Join us to discover the unexpected meanings of the succulent plant that many people still do not know.

fragrant lotus
fragrant lotus tree

They are often referred to as the sandalwood tree, which is a plant that emits a mild scent that repels mosquitoes. Grows into a bush, the leaves are serrated and grow alternately in long branches. In feng shui, this type of succulent means maintaining financial stability, helping growers not lose money. Each person should have one such tree planted at the desk.

succulent buddha
If you want to pray for luck and happiness, succulent buddha is an extremely appropriate choice. It is because of such a name and feng shui meaning that this is a succulent chosen by many people today. Only after brown succulent.

brown succulent
brown succulent meaning

It is the most sought-after succulent type today. This is a tree that carries the meaning of faithful and complete love. Many people have chosen brown succulent or mixed pots with brown succulent as the main theme to give to their loved ones on February 14 or other holidays, birthdays…

succulent moon
Similar in appearance to brown succulent, young leaves are green and older leaves are brown. This is a feng shui tree that helps bring fame, fortune and career. The tree is suitable for people with earth and metal destiny.

succulent pearl chain
This is a succulent that is extremely fast growing and has a lot of branching. Often will grow long and drooping, so in some places it is also called a drooping succulent. The tree carries the meaning of strong reproduction, numerous descendants. If a newlywed couple, buying a pot of this plant in the balcony or window is also very romantic.

strawberry pink succulent
strawberry pink succulent has the same meaning as brown succulent. They represent love, bonded friendship, long party. People often give each other a mature tree (succulent size 15cm) as a wish to be together forever.

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