Camphor trees

Camphor tree – air purification Camphor tree, also known as wild incense tree, scientific name is Cinnamomum camphora (L.) Presl. Large trees can grow up to 40 meters, reaching 200cm… Read more

Canary Trees (Yellow Osaka Flower Trees)

Osaka trees yellow flowers flowering plant also known as canary, Cassia fistula Osaka plant morphological characteristics yellow flowers: Body, canopy, leaf: Trees medium, high 10 – 20 m, body smooth… Read more

Shaping bonsai tree with wire

Shaping with wire: With this technique can create bonsai by changing the direction of the trunk and branches. Pointing to growing branches can be bent horizontally or swipe down to… Read more

Indica Flowers

Wall of flowers Scientific Name: Tuong Vi. Scientific name: Lagerstroemia indica Linn. Family: Lythraceae (Astrology). Origin: China, Japan. Small trees, distributed more branches, shoots with 4 edges, smooth, brown and… Read more

The chemical composition of the oils of camphor and their uses

Wood of mature camphor tree essential oil containing 4.4%. Essential components of the oil are camphor (64.1%), in addition to cineol, terpineol, safrole, nerolidol. Oil content in the wood decreases… Read more

Carambola and planting instructions

Carambola is a tall bush trees, evergreen, woody, could reach 8 to 10 meters, much lower stems and branching. Carambola tree wood is very brittle, easily broken, so the folk… Read more

Planting Banyan Trees

Raise: Banyan tree planted in the tropics (Bailey and Bailey 1976). The banyan tree is the largest tree in the world by itself and tree width (Riffle 1998) with some… Read more

Narce Trees

Nacre trees (Khaya senegalensis A.Juss) Of them Xoan (Meliaceae) Nacre or monkey skull (binomial nomenclature: Khaya senegalensis) is a plant belonging They Xoan (Meliaceae). Nacre grows trees in Benin, Burkina… Read more

Oriole Flower Trees

Vietnam Name: Oriole Latin name: Saraca dives They are: Beans – Fabaceae Group: The average tree Description: Tree height of 10 -15 m gold he better, ovoid canopy. Large leaves,… Read more

Poinciana Trees

Poinciana tree species originating from tropical Africa (Madagascar) are widely planted in many countries around the world. In Vietnam, the plant is widely grown azimuth from north to south, from… Read more