Basil variety of categories. In terms of morphology with large leaves, small leaves; Friendly green leaves are purple or green body; both leaves and stems are purple etc. Of smell,… Read more

Globosa and its planting….

There are many different names such as: Chrysanthemum or Zinnia. There is a science name “Gomphrena globosa”, amaranth (Amaranthaceae source) in whole the countries in Asia such as India. There… Read more

Parsley leaves

Feature-cultivated areas In the first year, parsley formed shoots, rhizomes and the leaves, the second year the plant flowers. We are the preferred species withstand moisture and cold, seeds can… Read more


Degree of difficulty: Medium Layout: Backscene Lighting: Medium Temperature: 17-28 ° C Water Hardness: Soft – Hard PH: 5-8 Tree Structure: Body length Family: Amaranthaceae Genus: Alternanthera Region: Central America… Read more