Camphor trees

Camphor tree – air purification Camphor tree, also known as wild incense tree, scientific name is Cinnamomum camphora (L.) Presl. Large trees can grow up to 40 meters, reaching 200cm… Read more


Basil variety of categories. In terms of morphology with large leaves, small leaves; Friendly green leaves are purple or green body; both leaves and stems are purple etc. Of smell,… Read more

Guide to cultivation the Purple Kohlrabi

Purple Kohlrabi is a new vegetable in our country but has been popular with many people. Purple Kohlrabi is more nutritious and more nutritious than green kohlrabi. The tuber also… Read more

Parsley leaves

Feature-cultivated areas In the first year, parsley formed shoots, rhizomes and the leaves, the second year the plant flowers. We are the preferred species withstand moisture and cold, seeds can… Read more

Thyme: Perfect Spice

Origin Ancient Egyptians used thyme embalming practices. Ancient Greeks used it in the bathroom and burned it as incense in temples, believing that it is the source of courage. The… Read more


About rosemary Rosemary – Instructions for rosemary planting and caring Rosemary, a native shrub from the Mediterranean region, is highly valued in traditional medicine. People use them for seasoning, dispel… Read more


Saffron is a spice is produced from the flowers of plants saffron stigma. Saffron can grow as high as 20-30 cm (8-12 in) and for the four flowers; each flower… Read more