Camphor trees

Camphor tree – air purification Camphor tree, also known as wild incense tree, scientific name is Cinnamomum camphora (L.) Presl. Large trees can grow up to 40 meters, reaching 200cm… Read more

Lagerstroemia: Planting techniques (part 1)

II. Techniques seed collection, planting seedlings and trees Lagerstroemia 1. Collecting, processing and storage of seeds Bang Lang – Collect seed varieties Lagerstroemia on the mother plant from 5 years… Read more

Canary Trees (Yellow Osaka Flower Trees)

Osaka trees yellow flowers flowering plant also known as canary, Cassia fistula Osaka plant morphological characteristics yellow flowers: Body, canopy, leaf: Trees medium, high 10 – 20 m, body smooth… Read more

Fig trees care and techniques

Fig trees propagation techniques – Fig trees can be propagated by seed or by extracting branches, cuttings, but the fact is propagated by seed gives more attention for healthy seedlings,… Read more

Passion fluit and planting’s

Passion fluitĀ (two parts : Xingshan, passionflower) is a kind of vine plant for many years and cattle grow up their climb up vines. Is a kind of passionflower (Passiflora), passion… Read more

Rhododendron & Growing Technique

Branch “rhododendron” is there scientific nomenclature is Rhododendron (from the Greek: rhodos, “rose”, and dendron, “tree”), is a flowering branch branch in (family Ericaceae). This is a big branch with… Read more

Take care of mango trees

Mango Tree Care: Period mango trees are small, or planting is 1-3 years old. This period of strong growth trees most of the year to complete the canopy frame. Therefore,… Read more

How to planting the Tamarind

This is a type of tree was grown from tropical Africa, Tamarind tree has been widely cultivated in many tropical countries of South Asia, but don’t know why, it is… Read more

Palm trees

a) Characteristics recognize hemp palm – The girl is 10 -12m mast trees, diameter 25 -30cm. – 2.5 -3,5m long petition, deeply forked blade propeller type 90 -100 lobes, lobes… Read more

Indica Flowers

Wall of flowers Scientific Name: Tuong Vi. Scientific name: Lagerstroemia indica Linn. Family: Lythraceae (Astrology). Origin: China, Japan. Small trees, distributed more branches, shoots with 4 edges, smooth, brown and… Read more