Passion fluit and planting’s

Passion fluitĀ (two parts : Xingshan, passionflower) is a kind of vine plant for many years and cattle grow up their climb up vines. Is a kind of passionflower (Passiflora), passion… Read more

How to planting the Tamarind

This is a type of tree was grown from tropical Africa, Tamarind tree has been widely cultivated in many tropical countries of South Asia, but don’t know why, it is… Read more

Carambola and planting instructions

Carambola is a tall bush trees, evergreen, woody, could reach 8 to 10 meters, much lower stems and branching. Carambola tree wood is very brittle, easily broken, so the folk… Read more

Grapefruit and the cultivation techniques

Grapefruit has theĀ scientific name is Citrus grandis (L.) Osbeck, citrus (Rutaceae). Grapefruit also known as cotton, kan how tch’lou (Thai), mak Somo (Laos), kroth thlong (Cambodia). Read more

Jackfruit and its cultivation technique

Jackfruit tree is native to South India, where temperatures and precipitation as in South Vietnam. Most meetings are also grown in Southeast Asia, Thailand, the Philip-pines, India, Bangladesh and the… Read more


Mango tree with the scientific name is Mangifera Indica L, belongs to Anacardiacae. Mango has many varieties, but there are essentially two groups of the same group of Indian mangoes… Read more