Rhododendron & Growing Technique

Branch “rhododendron” is there scientific nomenclature is Rhododendron (from the Greek: rhodos, “rose”, and dendron, “tree”), is a flowering branch branch in (family Ericaceae). This is a big branch with… Read more

Indica Flowers

Wall of flowers Scientific Name: Tuong Vi. Scientific name: Lagerstroemia indica Linn. Family: Lythraceae (Astrology). Origin: China, Japan. Small trees, distributed more branches, shoots with 4 edges, smooth, brown and… Read more

Cuban Royal Palm

Cuban Royal Palm is a plant which introduced from the Americas. They are also called Belly bridge, Cuban Royal Palm has the scientific name: Roystonia regia, family: Arecaceae. Column 8… Read more

Poinciana Trees

Poinciana tree species originating from tropical Africa (Madagascar) are widely planted in many countries around the world. In Vietnam, the plant is widely grown azimuth from north to south, from… Read more

LocVung Decorative Trees

To Loc Vung plants grow and develop well, with many flowering season, fresh long-lasting, durable beautiful trees sesame fortune, players need to adhere to a number of technical measures to… Read more

“Huynh Dan Do” (Dalbergia tonkinens Prain) and the growing technique

“Sưa đỏ” has the scientific name Dalbergia tonkinens Prain. In Vietnam Red skimmed tree also known as “Huynh Dan Do”, “Trac Thoi” or “Hue Moc Vang” In China it is called… Read more

Magnolia Bush Flowers

Set magnolia buds or play, fortune or waving aromatic example (binomial nomenclature: Dracaena fragrans, meaning: deremensis Dracaena) is a flowering plant in the family loaithuc Fairy (Ruscaceae). It is native… Read more