Dog chained up in the rain is rescued by a kindhearted officer

How could anyone do this?

The sad reality is that there are still people out there who mistreat and abuse animals, and Christmas is an especially bad time for unwanted pets. Christmas is a joyful holiday where people get together to celebrate, so it breaks our hearts to think of all the animals who have to spend the holiday alone.

For homeless and abandoned dogs, Christmas is just another day.

There are many people out there who shouldn’t own pets – yet for whatever reason, they still end up having one. These people aren’t logical, and when they decide that they no longer want their pet anymore, they take the coward’s way out instead of doing the right thing and taking them to a shelter.

Who would be heartless enough to chain their unwanted dog to a fence?

Officer Michael Pascale was about to find out. The NYPD officer spotted the dog when he was passing through the neighborhood just before Christmas.

The dog was chained to a fence, and he was soaked through and freezing cold. It was unclear how long he had been there for, but his ribs were visible through his thin coat, and Michael knew instantly that he had to be rescued.

Michael carried the dog back to his car, where it was warm and dry. Standard procedure involves an officer taking the stray animal to a local shelter – but there was something about this dog that was very special to Michael.

The pair had bonded during the short time they spent together, and the officer wanted to make sure that the dog got the happy ending he deserved.

A few months later, the dog had moved into Michael’s home. It was a Christmas miracle that the pair had found each other.

Michael named his dog Joey, and the more time they spent together, the more their bond grew. Soon, Michael no longer wanted to leave his dog to go to work – so he came up with a plan to train Joey up to become a new addition to the force.

The clever pup passed all his tests with flying colors, and now he works alongside Michael and loves nothing more than riding shotgun beside his new owner.

Imagine having a job where you can work with your very own dog? We might just be a tiny bit jealous.

Michael was angered by Joey’s previous owner’s actions, so he shared his story on Facebook- and within no time at all, it had gone viral. People were so disgusted by the heartless person who had chained an innocent dog to a fence, while at the same time they were thankful to the officer for rescuing him.

Pascal and Joey’s story was also shared on YouTube, and it has since been viewed by 13.8k people all over the world.

“I love stories like this. They help restore my faith in humanity. Wishing them both many happy years together,” one person commented.”

Another simply added: “Bless you, officer!”

Scroll down below to watch the pair’s adorable story.

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