Elephant returns to her rescuers with her newborn baby

Elephants are known to have a very good memory…and this mama surely remembered.

The birth of a baby elephant is always a reason to celebrate.

The caretakers at The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, (SWT) a rescue center in Kenya, were overjoyed when one of their own beloved elephants returned to the Ithumba Stockades to give birth to a baby girl. Loijuk the elephant, was rescued by the SWT in 2006 when she was only five months old.

Loijuk’s care from the SWT allowed her to thrive.

The sweet elephant became part of the family so it was bittersweet to see her return to the wild once she was ready. “Watching her heal, flourish and transition to a wild independent life again in the span of 14 years, surrounded by ex-orphans and wild elephant friends, and now to see her transform into a mother is the ultimate affirmation of a job well done.” – The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Loijuks’s baby, Lili, is a perfect little elephant.

It’s hard to not be completely enamored by a newborn elephant. Lili’s attempt to steady her wobbly legs next to Loijuk and the protective nanny elephants is too cute. SWT mentioned how proud Loijuk was to parade Lili around the stockades after she was born.

It takes a village.

Lucky for Loijuk, she didn’t have to take on all the responsibility of a newborn calf. She had the support of two nanny elephants, Naserian and Ithumbah, who kept a watchful eye on the little one.

Loijuk’s return was a smart decision.

The caretakers at SWT were happy that Loijuk decided to return home for the birth of Lili. September is the peak of the dry season in Kenya and it would have proved difficult for the elephant without some supplemental help from the rescue center.

The animals trust the caretakers at SWT.

“We are delighted that Loijuk has returned close to home so that we can help supplement her when she visits with additional lucerne to keep her condition remaining good and her milk bar full until the rains break, which we can expect in November.” – The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The Head Keeper, Benjamin, was able to go right up to Lili after she was born. Loijuk and the nanny elephants didn’t seem to mind at all even though the baby had just been born and was still wobbly on her feet.

A legacy that lives on.

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust was founded in 1977 by Daphne Sheldrick and it operates the most successful orphan elephant rescue rehabilitation program in the world. They have rescued baby elephants that have unfortunately lost their mothers many times as a result of human activity. – The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

An adorable beacon of hope.

Lili’s birth represents all that SWT has worked so hard to achieve. She is a healthy calf born to one of their rescued orphan elephants and the intentions of the Trust have come full circle.

It’s not just about rescuing orphaned elephants.

“Through our Aerial, Anti-Poaching, and Mobile Veterinary Units, we safeguard the natural environment and provide immediate assistance to wild animals in need. We also secure irreplaceable wilderness areas so that animals will always have space to roam and work with local partners and communities to ensure people and wildlife can live alongside one another.” – The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. What an amazing organization.

Now watch this video featuring the adorable little calf, Lili.

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