Man tears down wall to build his Goldie a personal luxury ‘dog house’

What do you do with an empty, unused space at home?

Most people would convert any space into something useful. It could be for additional storage, a gym, a game room, a TV room – just about anything! But this man found an adorably cute way to make use of empty closet space.

Johnathan Lower is a real estate agent, and he sure knows how to redesign a home.

His TikTok handler says it all – @thehomeprojectguy! You can see a lot of his works on remodeling or redesigning a home. But one of his most fabulous projects so far is a lovely cozy home for his Golden Retriever named Theodore.

Theodore, aka Teddy, officially became John’s baby last June 2019.

Since then, John has made sure to spend time with Teddy with his Teddy Tuesdays. They either go out on grand adventures, chill at a nearby café, or be lazy and just snuggle at home. All John wants is to make sure they spend quality time together.

But what John thought would be cool is to make a doghouse for Teddy.

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Like he always does, John thought of converting an empty space in his house into something useful. This time, he chose this small closet space under the stairs to create Teddy’s home.

He said he ripped the insides of the closet at night after his work.

He worked on it for a couple of weeks wherein he installed a fireplace, a television, some shelves and lighting, and Teddy’s own dog bed. He also removed all the drywall and replaced it with foam insulation to muffle the sounds and sudden noises.

He also spent an entire day designing the outside.

He added some lovely stone cladding on the wall and a baseboard to form a little roof on it. The doghouse has a dog door and a human door for when John wants to come in and snuggle with Teddy – or probably when he needs to clean it already.

It took a while for Teddy to get comfortable in his new doghouse.

But after a couple of months, he goes in and out in there like a real man of the house. Both John and Teddy stay in there to chill and watch TV or snuggle when Teddy seems a little scared – probably from noises outside (firecrackers, sirens, etc.)

Yes, Teddy is a spoiled Golden Retriever, but he deserves so.

For John, Teddy was his one best friend who was there for him through it all, especially during a rough time in his life.

“In the last couple of years, I’ve lost a young sister who was around 30. I’ve lost a grandpa, a good friend, and then a couple of months ago my father, who is 60, passed of cancer,” John told GeoBeats.

He also added that he loves how Teddy just senses his mood.

He said that Teddy isn’t usually a snuggly kind of dog and would just play around by himself. But when John is having a bad day or comes home in a bad mood at night, Teddy senses this and stays close to John.

Don’t we all want a Teddy in our life? We can tell he truly deserves the doghouse John built for him.

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