Someone spotted the scared dog abandoned on the side of the road

It was incredibly lucky that someone spotted him!

When you welcome a pet into your home, you are agreeing to take on a lifelong commitment. In fact, there’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t see your pet as any different from a child. They’re vulnerable and reliant upon you, and it’s your job to make sure that they are fed, looked after, and cared for.

Just like children, pets shouldn’t be seen as disposable. It was your choice to commit to the act of owning a pet – and in that commitment, you should be willing to keep them through the hard times that are a natural part of life.

Most people understand this when taking on a pet, but sadly, there are a few individuals out there who aren’t deserving of owning a pet. Take this next story, for example. For whatever reason, one person had decided that they no longer wanted their German Shepherd anymore.

Instead of doing the right thing and taking him to a shelter where he would at least be safe, they instead drove out into the middle of nowhere and left him on the side of the road, alongside his crate.

Luckily, the crate ended up catching the eye of Richard Jordan, who was driving through the Louisiana road at the time. He stopped his car to investigate further, and it was only then that he spotted the terrified German Shepherd cowering amongst the trees.

The poor dog mustn’t have had any idea what was going on. He was all alone at the side of a quiet road, with no clue as to whether his owner would return.

Richard understood the risks of approaching a stray dog. He didn’t know what the German Shepherd’s temperament would be like – and as many abandoned dogs have been mistreated and abused in the past by humans, he made sure to be cautious and move slowly in order to not spook the dog.

Apparently, the pup appeared to be “skittish” and refused to climb out of his crate. But Richard wasn’t about to give up that easy.

The first thing Richard did was call the local animal services, then slowly but surely, he began to gain the dog’s trust. As the dog allowed him to move closer, he discovered something surprising. Despite being abandoned at the roadside, he was a “beautiful, top notch dog,” – and he also had a personalized collar, revealing his name was “Borel.”

The dog appeared to be so well cared for that Richard questioned who would abandon him, and why.

Richard took to social media for answers, posting on a local Facebook group. He shared some pictures of Borel and speculated that the dog had accidentally fallen off the back of a truck. There was the possibility that he was a victim of ‘fad’ breeding, where people buy a particular breed of dog because they like the idea of owning one – only to become overwhelmed when that idea becomes a reality.

“It was well known these dogs are too much for the average person,” Richard wrote. “Well, this scared dog in the woods today … fell victim to this. This is the end result of fad buying.”

Eventually, animal services arrived and it was then that another discovery was made. It turned out that Borel had a microchip, which showed that he had initially lived with a Dallas area breeder.

While we’ll never know how Borel ended up on the side of the road, his story has a happy ending, as there is already a long list of people waiting to adopt him. Let’s hope he finds his furever home sometime soon!

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Victoria Do

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