Kind strangers saved this puppy after he got kicked out of his house

I can’t believe someone left a puppy as cute as him for such a petty reason!

We all want to protect the innocent creatures around us. There is something about seeing a helpless creature that causes our hearts to reach out to them. For one puppy, a strangers kindness and compassion was the sole thing that saved his life.

The rescuer saw the little puppy and knew it was in need of serious help.

It was obviously hurt emotionally and physically. With care and treatment, we can heal most wounds that a dog will experience. It’s the emotional trauma that takes a bit longer. This poor pup was in need of medical care AND love.

From the looks of it, the little dog had experienced plenty of both.

When the dog was taken to a local rescue group in Brazil, they could finally get a good look at him. Naming him Sardinha, the story of the abandoned puppy was made clear. Sardinha had a home at one point.

Once his owners found out he was sick, they abandoned him totally.

When Sardinha got sick one day, his owners didn’t care for him as he needed. Instead of getting the pup the care he deserved, they decided it would be better to abandon him and throw off the responsibility of an innocent life.

Leaving a sick dog to fend for itself isn’t going to help things and the issue got worse.

Besides his worsened state from being thrown out, he had scabies and a severe eye infection. More than that, however, his spirit was broken. He felt abandoned.

Little Sardinha felt responsible for his condition.

Shame is a powerful feeling. When the little dog was brought it, shame was written all over him. While we don’t know if he was abused physically, he showed extreme signs of shame. The poor little dog probably thought it was all his fault that he got sick and thrown out!

It took time, but they slowly made progress.

Time is a great healer and after some treatment, they had a breakthrough. For the first time while someone was working on him, he lifted up his head and made eye-contact!

Yes, Sardinha had medical care, but he really needed someone to love him.

A local woman who loves dogs decided to call the shelter and see if any dogs needed any help. After calling, she learned about Sardinha and her little heart went out to him. Making her decision, she was able to get permission to foster the little guy!

Incredibly, a local woman decided to call the shelter and see if any dogs needed help. Learning about Sardinha, she felt that desire to protect the innocent within her. Deciding on it, she asked if she could foster him! She was, of course, permitted.

With someone to love him, he flourished. He was playing like a puppy should!

A puppy who doesn’t play just isn’t right! After a few days of some much needed TLC, little Sardinha was outside playing with toys and his new friends. Even better than that, a family noticed the little dog playing and asked if he was looking for a forever home. Within a few days, he was officially adopted by a family that loved him! Sometimes all it takes is a kind person to save the life of an innocent animal.

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