Bulldog has no chance of winning against baby girl during heated argument

Arguments between adults are rarely seen as funny but that all goes out the window when it comes to arguments with kids. There’s something about the way their brains work and kid logic that sometimes makes us really laugh.

Whether your little one is convinced that one plus one equals five, they take offense when dad lays down the boyfriend rules, or they’re guiltily trying to insist that they didn’t eat your cookie stash, there are some occasions of raised voices that you can look back on with fondness.

A baby and her dog

One family had a particularly unique case on their hands when their baby started an argument with their dog.

In the video, which was shared to America’s Funniest Home Videos YouTube channel, the baby can be seen making a very valid argument to the family’s bulldog – though what she’s actually saying is a mystery.

The baby has a lot to say

While the dog appears to be listening solemnly, the baby, who can’t yet be one year old, gesticulates and shouts what can only be described as gobbledegook. The poor dog actually looks quite concerned – he’s probably wondering what on earth he did wrong!

The baby points around the room and looks off camera, probably at her mom or dad, while she tries to her his point across.

At one point, she touches her dog’s paw, and we can tell the grumpy guy is starting to lose his patience.

The bulldog just wants some peace and quiet

Eventually, the bulldog flops down on the sofa, clearly fed up with being blamed for something incoherent. He’s most likely questioning what on earth his human mom and dad signed him up for when they decided to have a baby.

Many people in the comments attempted to guess at what the baby might have been saying with their own amusing translations. One person wrote:

“Translation: I don’t understand why you don’t wear a diaper and mommy has to clean up your poopies in the yard, why don’t you wear a diaper like me? I mean c’mon, your poopies are big and messy, the least you could do to help mommy is wear a diaper!”

Perhaps it’s a couch war?

Someone else thought the argument was less about diapers and more of a couch war, commenting:

“baby: how many time have i told you not to sit on the couch, aww.. look at this mess, look what have you done,you should be out and play, say something, look it just sit there, look, i told you to get off from the couch, what am i to you, i`m talking to you now, look, your drool get to my hand, what am i gonna do now?

dog: i`m going back to sleep…”

And finally, one commenter reminded us that the dog probably took the baby’s shouting very seriously, pointing out:

“Just remember that this makes as much sense to the dog as everything we say to dogs.”

That’s true – to a dog, raised voices in any form are punishment. Dogs are more likely to recognize words by the way they sound, which they can then associate to what they mean.

Signs that a dog understands it’s being punished are looking sheepish, sitting quietly, and putting its ears down.

The bulldog in this video definitely looks like he’s on the receiving end of disciplinary action, but it seems as if he doesn’t know whether to take his tiny screeching companion seriously – and it’s not long before he calls it a day and attempts to get some sleep!

We’ll never quite know what point the baby in this video was trying to make, but one thing’s for certain – she put up a very good argument.

Watch the video in its entirety below. This little girl is quite the character!

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