Pitbull saved from dog fighting ring is in critical condition

I can’t believe someone let another dog do that to her sweet face!

It’s not an understatement to say that animal workers are some of the kindest and most selfless people in the world. They spend huge portions of their life in thankless work making sure helpless animals get the love they deserve.

Some of the toughest rescues result in the most incredible stories.

Animal rescues all look different. Some of them are a simple case of a lost dog and others are terrifying stories of abuse. Betsy the pit bull is one of the latter.

Betsy’s life was defined by pain and abuse.

As a pit bull, Betsy was bought by her owner for one thing: to fight other dogs. Good fighting dogs have aggression and a lack of natural fear of other dogs. Betsy didn’t make the cut. She was too gentle and loving to make a good attack dog.

The kindhearted dog wasn’t aggressive and didn’t make a good attack dog – she was used for something more sinister.

A bait dog is a dog that is sent before a fight to get all the fighting dogs riled up. Essentially, they are pieces of meat that the bigger dogs maim to get their bloodlust going. To be frank, bait dogs don’t last very long.

When rescuers finally got to Betsy, her condition was critical.

The gentle and loving dog wasn’t doing well. She had injuries all across her body and things didn’t look good. Some of the wounds were so severe that the medical team wasn’t even sure if she would survive.

Regardless, they got to work in surgery.

She had wounds across her whole body and infection was a serious concern. It wasn’t about simply stitching all her wounds up, it was about making sure she was going to be clean and sanitary or her life would be at risk. She was in terrible pain but she somehow still clung to life during the procedures.

Slowly but surely, Betsy pressed on.

Even though this poor dog was abused and hurt, she still wanted love. She knew that the people around her cared for her and wanted the best for her. For a sick dog, that was the best medicine one could ask for.

After eight surgeries and months of treatment, Betsy started to heal.

Betsy was surrounded by people who loved her and spent time with her. As the healing process went on, more than just her body healed, her heart did too. Finally, it was time for her to go up for adoption.

When Betsy went up for adoption, a family immediately came forward to adopt her!

From being viewed as a piece of meat to being loved by a family, Betsy was finally getting what she deserved – love. She now has a sibling and loves to hang out with her family outside!

One of her favorite things to do is fish in the stream near their house.

She isn’t a great fisherman, but she does love to play in the water regardless! The family that she lives with has a little boy that she has completely fallen in love with. Her terrible journey resulted in her having a truly peaceful and loving home, surrounded by family.

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