Amputee cat gets a new pair of legs and takes his first steps

Cats are so resilient.

Cats are amazing animals who have incredible balance and jumping skills. If you’ve ever seen a cat jump, you know just how powerful their legs are. But sadly, accidents sometimes happen, resulting in a cat losing one of their legs.

A cat named Pooh is an example of this. The cat lost both of his back legs in an accident.

Pooh, who lives in Bulgaria, received a pair of bionic legs after an accident in a small village.

No one is quite sure what happened to the cat, but a woman brought him into a clinic in Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, where surgeon Vladislav Zlatinov took a look at the poor cat.

Zlatinov decided he wanted to try something new with Pooh.

“I had the vague idea that this is done, but it sounded impossible for our practice,” Zlatinov noted about the experimental surgery. “But I wanted to try.”

While the surgery was experimental, it seems to have worked perfectly to plan! “He’s doing surprisingly well so far,” Zlatinov explained. “Pooh can move freely on flat surfaces — walking, running, even making small jumps… What’s important is that he doesn’t seem to be in pain.”

“We’re very proud,” Zlatinov told Reuters about the end success. “It was quite a success … It gives hope to other patients.” Pooh is currently going through rehabilitation and preparing for adoption!

The cat may have had a tough life to begin with, but with his new legs, he’s up and ready to live the rest of his beautiful life.

He’s ready to be accepted into a new home, and the successful surgery gives more freedom to animals that have lost their legs in the future. Science and life come together to bring Pooh a great few years up ahead!

Pooh also isn’t the only bionic cat out there.

A cat named Oscar has also become famous for having bionic legs. The cat first lost his legs in 2009, and he became the first cat in the world to get implants with moving joints. Oscar’s story has been told in both published books and in a TV series.

The most amazing thing is seeing how comfortable Oscar is with his legs. He doesn’t realize there’s anything different about him.

Oscar and Pooh are both great examples of how resilient cats are and how they can easily adjust to new circumstances. It’s amazing to watch both of these cats getting around on their bionic legs. Science is incredible!

Check out a video about Pooh below!

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