Puppy jumps in to save old blind dog drowning in pool

When her furry friend fell in the pool, a dog made a seriously impressive rescue effort to save her life.

Julieta Firpo lives in the city of Sunchales in Santa Fe, Argentina with her dogs Luna and Caipirinha.

The pups are good friends – Caipirinha is the sprightly younger dog while Luna is a senior at age 14.

And while the two are lucky enough to live at a house with a lovely pool, their mom is no doubt getting ready to put a fence around it.

An unfortunate fall

Luna is old enough that her eyesight is starting to go. Of course, it’s hard to know just how much until something bad happens.

And in this case, Firpo found out that she’d have to keep a closer eye on the dog when she came into the house soaking wet one day in December of 2020.

It’s not a common occurrence anymore since Luna isn’t quite so adventurous, so when Caipirinha followed – also dripping with water – Firpo felt like something was off.

That’s when she decided to check the security camera footage from the camera pointed at her backyard and saw that the two dogs hadn’t been swimming – rather, she missed a dramatic rescue!

Caipirinha to the rescue

Firpo posted a snippet of the video online that begins right as poor Luna falls into the pool.

Within seconds, Caipirinha saw what happened and came dashing across the yard to rescue her friend. This little pup moves fast!

First, she runs to the spot where Luna fell in, but the old dog is trying to get hear bearings and tread water.

Then Caipirinha heads to the part of the pool where there are stairs, hoping her pal will make her way over to the shallow end.

It’s a bit heartbreaking for a moment because Luna gets over to the wrong side – the deep end. And while Caipirinha runs over to help, she just can’t. As much as she tries, she has no hope of fishing out her friend from that angle.

A selfless feat

What Caipirinha does next is incredible and it shows just how much empathy dogs have for one another.

She does the only thing she can do for Luna – Caipirinha noses her across the side of the pool, encouraging her to swim all the way over to the shallow side so she can use the steps.

She never leaves her friend for a moment during the ordeal.

While the video jumps forward in time, we see that Luna didn’t quite get the hint that safety was just inches away.

Somehow, she ends up on the other side of the shallow end before Caipirinha is able to coax her up the steps.

Using her mouth to grab Luna by the collar, Caipirinha actually helps pry her friend out of the water. It looks like it was taking too much effort after all that swimming for Luna to take the final steps to safety.

“We watched the video and couldn’t believe it,” Firpo told The Dodo.

There’s no denying that Caipirinha saved her friend.

As she fusses over her nearly-drowned pal, Caipirinha doesn’t give up until all 4 paws are on dry land and Luna is up on her feet again.

That’s where the video cuts out and we assume the dogs went inside for some comfort.

“Caipirinha was already the darling of the house,” Firpo said. “Now, she’s our hero.”

And we can see why!

Be sure to scroll down to see the footage of the save for yourself.

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