Woman immediately drives to save pitbull thrown off highway overpass

The horror of this story is enough to make me sick.

This story isn’t for any animal lovers with a weak stomach or gentle heart.

It’s hard to imagine the level of abuse that so many animals experience every day. For all the people who harm them, however, there are a lot of others who are willing to do their best to help. April Eells and her mom recently got to be good people for an animal in need.

A woman saw something horrifying while driving down the road one day.

While on the road, a woman was on a large bridge overpass in Portland, Oregon. As she went, she saw something tossed from the top and fall onto the road under the overpass. It’s not uncommon to see littering, but she knew by the way the bag hit the ground it wasn’t trash.

When she got closer and realized what she witnessed, she was stunned.

When she first saw it, she discounted the object as a bag. Getting closer, she saw exactly what it was. Someone had stood on top of the overpass and thrown their dog over the edge. Pulling over right away, she saw that the dog was a pit bull who was severely injured.

If the woman didn’t help the dog immediately it wouldn’t make it.

Calling her daughter, April, the woman knew that she needed help fast. April worked at a vet clinic and was the perfect person to help the injured dog. After the woman brought the pup to the clinic, April got to work with her assessment. The dog had a lot of broken bones and torn ligaments that would require surgery.

They named the dog Hank and started to raise money to pay for the expensive operations.

Surgery is never cheap, even with a dog. Hank needed a lot of work if he was ever going to function as a normal dog. The family took him in and started campaigns to pay for his treatment. He was a part of a family, now he just needed to get patched up!

To April, Hank was more than just a dog, he was a reminder.

April Eells had a special connection to the dog for other reasons as well. The dog who was thrown from a bridge acted as a symbol for April’s daughter. The previous year, April’s daughter had attempted suicide by jumping off of a bridge. Hank was a survivor from the fall, just like her daughter.

The deep connection kept her motivated to raise money.

With the costs of surgery looming, the family knew that they were going to get Hank the help he needed.

“So, we can’t just give up on him,” April told KPTV. “They both have made it. And my own daughter had surgery again today and he had surgery last week, so I just feel like they just for whatever reason… there’s this parallel and he came into our lives for a reason, and my mom just said we’re not giving up on him.”

After their news coverage, they were finally able to raise the money and get him the surgery he needed!

Nowadays, Hank is a survivor and part of the family. From tough beginnings to loving endings, sometimes dogs (and humans) just need a little bit of love.

Check out the video below to see the transformation.

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