Officer approaches street revelers in New Orleans – and his horse decides to get in on the fun

Laissez les bon temps rouler! Let the good times roll!

That’s the motto of one of the most joyful cities in the world- New Orleans.

Everybody knows that New Orleans is a great party city, but it turns out that it’s not just humans having all the fun.

One talented police horse decided to get in on the fun.

The beautiful city is known for its incredible atmosphere, performances, dances, and its unique culture – but this was a spectacle they hadn’t seen before.

When the horse heard music in the streets, he showed onlookers his moves.

If you’re in New Orleans, you just have to dance. And it can happen pretty much anywhere. In a bar, in a disco club, at home, or even on the streets – there’s no escaping the typical festivities that the New Orleanians know and adore.

Sometimes, these dancing festivities can even proceed well into the night, and it’s something you just have to experience for yourself to fully grasp it.

Maybe if you’re lucky, you can spot a dancing police officer once in a while.

But the people in this video were stunned when they saw a police officer’s equestrian partner busting out some moves too.

Luckily, one of the passerby’s was able to film this hilarious moment for all of us to witness.

In the clip, we see a uniformed police officer on his horse, and it’s clear that the animal can’t contain itself. These hooves were definitely made for dancing!

The police officer and his partner even approach a group of people partying, and the horse proudly shows off his sense of rhythm.

In the video, we can clearly hear a loud drum playing in the background, and it seems like that this was what initially grabbed the horse’s attention.

As the police officer and his horse get closer, you can also see how they’re gradually adjusting and moving to the rhythm of the steel drums.

At one point, the audience isn’t quite sure what’s about to happen.

It seemed like the police officer was about to get off of his horse to stop the party altogether and ask for some silence.

However, the complete opposite happened as he and his horse simply decided to join them instead.

The music starts getting louder, and the horns start tooting!

Imagine what it must’ve been like to witness an amazing spectacle like that in real life.

As for the police officer, he absolutely loved it and encouraged his horse to have a bit of fun! And we must say, his hoove moves are pretty impressive.

He even spins around in a circle at one point, and the crowd that had formed definitely seemed to love it.

Speaking of a crowd, the police horse definitely garnered some serious attention, and people from all over joined in to party along.

At the end of the performance, the horse even stretched out its front legs which made it look like he was giving the crowd a bow!

The audience erupts in cheers and claps and were thankful to witness this impromptu horse show.

Eventually, the police officer and the horse made their exit – and in typical New Orleans style, the party continued.

You really have to see it all for yourself – and you can do it by scrolling down to the video below.

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