Man rushes to save injured dog abandoned in the middle of highway

He put his own life in danger to save another.

Pets are the absolute light of our lives, but there are some people in the world who don’t deserve the responsibility of looking after an animal.

Animals are living, breathing beings who feel pain and fear just like humans do, but some of us are all too quick to forget that.

This next story of a dog who was abandoned on the middle of a busy highway proves just that- but luckily, it has a happy ending that manages to restore our faith in humanity again.

Highways are a great way to get from A to B as quickly as possible- but because of this, they’re also incredibly dangerous places. The high speed limits make it pretty much impossible to perform a last-minute emergency stop, and for that reason, wild animals are often hit as they attempt to make it across to the other side.

But wild animals aren’t the only ones whose lives are endangered on the highway.

Heartbreakingly, highways are also notorious dumping grounds for unwanted pets – and while some are thankfully rescued before any harm can come to them, the same can’t be said for every case. Luckily, there are people like Rodrigo Gonzalez in the world.

Rodrigo was driving on a busy road in Mexico one day when he spotted something in the opposite lane.

Although he couldn’t get a close enough view, the man had a bad feeling about what he had seen, and immediately turned around to get on the other side of the road.

As Rodrigo got closer, his suspicions were confirmed. At the side of the left shoulder, a tiny dog is laying on the ground, too terrified and weak to move a muscle. The unsuspecting cars drive by so close to him that it won’t be long before somebody accidentally hits the puppy.

Doing what any decent human being would do, Rodrigo pulls up to a stop next to the puppy and rolls down his window. Sensing that somebody has finally come to save him, the tiny dog crawls and stumbles towards the car with a clear air of desperation.

Not only is the dog terrified, but it’s also clear that he has sustained some serious injuries. As he gets closer to the truck, Rodrigo puts out a helping hand to scoop the puppy up.

He then quickly lays him in his backseat and drives off to get help.

It isn’t safe to stop on a highway, and Rodrigo put his own life in danger so that he could help the puppy. In the video shared, you can hear people honking their horns at the stationary truck, unaware that Rodrigo was saving a life at the time.

Now it was time to get the puppy to a vet.

The dog was in a bad way. The vet predicted that he had been hit by a car, as he had lost one of his eyes and had a severe spinal cord injury. But after a couple of weeks, he finally began to heal, prompting Rodrigo to name him ‘Lucky’, after being able to survive such a huge ordeal.

In a future follow-up video, we can see just how much progress Lucky has made already.

With a bit of help, Lucky manages to get out of his crate and sit on the grass with Rodrigo. This amazing man has saved more than 21 dogs!

Rodrigo is obviously a huge animal-lover, and he seems to have an entire house filled with dogs.

In other words, he’s living the dream.

The other dogs help encourage Lucky to fight to get better, and in another video, he can be seen taking some tentative steps towards his new brothers and sisters.

The day that Rodrigo decided to risk his own life to save another, was the first day that somebody had ever shown Lucky just how much they cared for him. Like his name suggests, we think that he was incredibly lucky that Rodrigo was driving on the highway at that particular time.

Check out Rodrigo’s Facebook page to support him below!

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