Intelligent sea turtle swim up to diver to ask for help

Something was bothering a sea turtle, so it swam to a diver for help. The diver was able to film the turtle as it approached him.

It would be nice to go diving in the ocean and be able to witness a sea turtle swimming close by. Finding such an animal while in the ocean can be a memorable experience.

Sea turtles seem to not mind sharing a space with humans underwater. So, many divers has been given a treat of seeing these animals up close.

A diver who gets to encounter a sea turtle while diving can find the experience a nice addition to the beauty of exploring the marine life.

There is one diver who posted on YouTube a video of getting a surprise visit from a sea turtle while in the ocean. When going diving it’s one thing to find a school of small fish darting past here and there, it’s another thing to be approached by a sea turtle.

The sea turtle that showed up appeared to be curious about the diver, but it turned out that it also needed a little help. There was a mollusk that had latched itself on the turtle’s back that needed to be removed.

It was fortunate that the diver was filming when the sea turtle came over to him. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a video of the beautiful animal gliding along in the ocean.

The video of the sea turtle was viewed 2.6 million views and received 46,000 likes. The sea turtle was large and had beautiful patterns on its flippers and a light green underbody that looked almost luminous. The animal swam in the ocean with so much familiarity with its surroundings.

The sea turtle also swam up and down effortlessly in the water although it carried on its back a mollusk that was taking temporary residence on its shell.

The diver let the sea turtle swim by him until it was already within reach. He then gently pushed down the turtle’s back for him to reach with his hand the shell that was getting a free ride on the sea turtle’s back.

And, with the same hand the diver plucked out the mollusk without much ado.

There were funny quips about the video in the comment section. One YouTube user, Natalie Young, wrote that the sea turtle could have shouted out to the diver the words “YOU SO TOTALLY ROCK DUDE.”

Another YouTube user, Skyett, mentioned that the sea turtle could have said “thanks mate” to the diver.

The diver was glad that he came across a sea turtle in the ocean. He used words like “amazing interaction” and “changed my life forever” to describe his experience of meeting the sea turtle.

Watch the video below!

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