Man reunites stranded foal with his worried mom

The mama horse’s face is what really grabbed my heart. She had a look of deep gratitude written all over it.

A man was simply driving through the countryside enjoying his day when he drove up on something that caught his attention.

There was a small pony standing in the road desperately trying to get back to its mother.

The only problem was a guardrail smack-dab between them.

Poor little foal.

The open road is no place for anyone not on a motorized vehicle. The foal can be seen running on the left lane before stopping in the middle of the road as the man immediately slows down and stops his car.

He calls out to the baby horse while trying to touch it but the little one just lets out little neighs of agitation and fear.

Who knows how long the little horse was out there? The poor thing was lucky he hadn’t been hit by a passing car.

Clearly, there was nothing the man could do but figure it out.

He guides the foal back to the side of the road where a guardrail blocks the little horse from joining its mother.

Mama is looking just as worried as her foal.

Well, this man knew what he had to do. The man finally catches up to the little horse.

He bends down, wraps his arms around the foal, and lifts him up and over the guardrail.

It turns out the guy’s got some muscle behind him. A viewer named Janetta wrote,

“What a great person. He didn’t hesitate at all. He could have been injured himself if the foal had panicked and kicked him. Not to mention the fact that picking up a struggling animal that size was not an easy thing. Human Of The Year Award.”

She’s right. Every act of heroism includes great risks. But this man was so selfless, he didn’t care about the fact that he could have been hurt.

He just wanted to return the foal to its mother. What a guy.

The bond and history between men and horses is a long one.

Man and horse go way back. Horses were domesticated some 4,000 years ago and have been essential to mankind’s survival.

From farming to travel to war and sport, man and beast have been in a relationship for the longest time.

Foals need to be with their moms for 6 months.

Just like any young, this foal needs its mother for nutrition and survival. They need mom up until six months.

Just because they can walk and run doesn’t mean they can make it out there on their own.

The little horse is reunited with its mother.

They get to run together again, not having to worry about those machines that come flying past them on the road. And it’s all thanks to the efforts of a random person who decided to stop and help.

Another viewer said,

“THIS is the kind of act that needs to be publicized in the media. Spreading this kind of love is infectious, it’s what our world needs. Great job guys!!”

And he’s right. There’s too much negativity that simple acts of love such as this one could easily influence others and lift each other’s spirits.

So quit horsing around and try to be more like this man.

Watch this man take the time and effort to reunite this foal with its mom below!

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