Curious whale pushes the little paddle boat through the sea

I don’t know why this video made me feel so fragile but it did. It’s so beautiful to see such a massive creature go out of its way

What would you give to see a whale close by and interact with it?

We know many of us would give anything to experience that, always wondering how it would feel to be in their presence.

Aside from the fact that not everyone lives near the ocean, whales don’t just surface easily. This is why it’s always so celebrated when they do, especially when they’re caught on cam.

They are majestic creatures to behold.

With the latest technology, people take out their phone, drone, or action cameras when they go out at sea, ready to capture a once-in-a-lifetime moment should it come their way.

Maximiliano Jonas is always ready with his drone cam.

Jonas is a Puerto Madryn-based photographer who never fails to captivate with his footage.

Living in the coastal area in Argentina gave him a vast opportunity to capture these whale sightings.

Plus, with a drone camera, he doesn’t need to go too far out in the water to witness these moments. It’s a bonus that he gets a beautiful aerial shot all the time.

His recent footage of a Southern Right Whale went viral for all feel-good reasons.

It was a very curious whale.

As you can see, the whale was swimming towards nearby paddleboarders. Paddleboards are very light, and maneuvering them doesn’t require a lot of energy and strength.

To see a whale nearby might cause you to panic because you’re at a significant disadvantage.

But this whale was so gentle.

What made this video heartwarming was that the whale gave the paddleboarder a gentle push.

He swam closer to the paddleboarder and used his fin to give it a slight nudge.

The board moved forward ever so lightly.

This just shows how gentle the whale was when he pushed that board. What amazed most people was that the whale didn’t slap his tail at all.

Most whales would, which would indeed send the board (and paddler) rolling over the ocean. But not the Southern Right Whale.

This species is known to be friendly.

These whales may look big and stocky, but their size doesn’t define their demeanor.

The Southern White Whale swims slowly at 5.5 to 7 miles per hour. While they still exhibit breaching, lobtailing, flippering, and sailing, it tends to know when to do so.

Seeing there were humans nearby, they swam calmly.

Max Jonas posted this video on his Instagram page and captioned it (translated in English):

“Do you see how your dog looks when he wants to play? This is so, but bigger!”

And that’s exactly how it looked like from up there.

The whale also swam below the board. It rolled around like a dog asking for a belly rub.

Then, another whale came near.

They both swam around slowly beneath the paddleboarder, giving him one epic show.

The paddleboarder moved a bit this time, leaving the beautiful creatures their own space and in peace.

Of course, not without taking one last look at the breathtaking moment he found himself in.

Commenters felt the same sense of peace.

Most of them mentioned how intelligent the whales are for not showing any aggression at the sight of humans nearby. Some said they shed a tear just seeing how gentle the moment felt.

See the majesty of this moment in the video below!

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