Two dogs got miraculously saved just hours before getting put down

These dogs needed to find a way to convince the world to help them.

It’s sad to think that, even now, there are still animals that are being abandoned by their owners. What’s sadder to think about is the fact that not all of them can be saved, especially when every animal shelter is jampacked with strays.

In some shelters, when an animal has been kept there for so long without being adopted or if they are sick, they had to be euthanized.

This almost happened to these two poor dogs.

These two dogs were just hours away from being euthanized, but then they did something very unexpected that miraculously saved their lives.

Kiera and Kala were both rescued dogs who were together ever since they were transferred in 2015 at Etowah Valley Humane Society’s (EVHS) animal shelter, a non-profit shelter in Georgia.

They were bunkmates and they had shared almost everything in their whole life.

The EVHS shelter allows euthanasia, which is what some overcrowded animal shelters sadly do to free up space for more rescue dogs.

As no one came to adopt Kala and Kiera, they were put on the euthanasia list. The shelter prayed that adopters would come forward before they had to say goodbye to these sweet dogs.

Thankfully, some people appeared to help the dogs send a message to the world.

Staff members from Angels Among Us Pet Rescue came to the shelter and caught a glimpse of these adorable dogs. Then, they found out the terrible news about them.

Unfortunately, though, they could not take the dogs themselves since there were no available fosters. Instead, they offered to lend their aid in finding the dogs someone who could temporarily take care of them or hopefully a forever home.

They suddenly thought of an effective idea that might just convince people. The rescuers took a photo of Kala hugging her best friend Kiera.

They paired the photo with a beautifully crafted message as if Kala was begging people to come and save them. They explained everything in the message, hoping that it is enough to get the people to notice them.

They posted the photograph with the caption on Facebook, and they were surprised by how it turned out.

The people who read the post were aghast and heartbroken for the two. They began to help to share the message, hoping to find someone who could potentially save them. The post went viral and reached a gentleman who quickly rushed to the shelter to get them.

The man happily wrapped his arms around the pooches while they kissed him with their heartfelt gratitude.

Kala and Kiera fell into the right hands, living happily alongside their new owners.

While the man loved the dogs, he was only able to foster them temporarily. Their journey was not yet over, as they had yet to find a permanent home.

Three months passed after the photo was posted, and Pam Cody and Wendy Newman came into their lives. The women decided to adopt them both for good.

Pam and Wendy are just perfect for Kala and Kiera since the two, just like them, were also best friends as well as roommates! They were fatefully lucky to fall into the perfect hands after such a journey.

Now, Kala and Kiera are living happily ever after with their new best friends!

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