Little boy leaves his puppy outside school hoping he’ll get a better life

The box contained a hand-written note.

People abandon their pets for multiple different reasons. Maybe they don’t have the money to look after them anymore, or the time to keep them company. Or maybe their children don’t get along with the animal. Whatever the explanation, there’s really no excuse for leaving an animal out on the streets.

Even shelters that are at full capacity will do their best to keep the animal safe while they find alternative arrangements.

Some people might feel embarrassed about taking their pet back to a shelter, but anyone with a grain of compassion would just be thankful that the animal hadn’t been left out on the streets.

The story of a puppy who was left outside a school in a cardboard box is an unusual one. As it was out of school hours, the school was closed, but luckily the janitor was there cleaning the school building.

As he opened the door, he spotted a little boy running off down the road, and that’s when he noticed the puppy.

The janitor had first come to the door after he heard a knock. When he saw the little boy running away, he assumed that it must have been a knock-and-run type of prank. But then his eyes fell on a cardboard box left on the doorstep, and he took it inside to investigate further.

Taped to the outside of the box was a handwritten note that read:

“Sorry it didn’t have a home and it was cold so we were going to give it to you. Please do let it go find a nice home.”

From inside the box, a small black puppy stared up at him. She looked a little scared and confused, but otherwise, she seemed well.

The box contained another folded up handwritten note from the little boy. This one contained a polite message asking the janitor to find a good home for the puppy. It was clear that the little boy cared for her and wanted to make sure that she was going to be loved and looked after.

Thankfully, the janitor knew a person who would be happy to take the puppy in.

He called up a female faculty member who was known as a dog lover and explained the situation to her. The teacher agreed to take the puppy in temporarily, and she decided to name her Snowflake.

She then contacted a local shelter to see what could be done.

Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue had space to take Snowflake in. It’s easy to rehome dogs when they’re still a puppy, and after giving snowflake all of her necessary vaccinations, the shelter knew that it wouldn’t be long until she was adopted.

In the meantime, staff attempted to get in touch with the boy who left the puppy, but sadly they had no luck. There was no way of knowing if he was aware that the puppy was now safe.

Snowflake’s story ends with her living with a caring foster family, but we guarantee it wont be long until she finds her furever home. It’s a far cry from the cardboard box that she started out in!

Watch the story of her rescue for yourself in the video below.

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