Mercy the dog was abandoned by the side of the road until this woman rushes to save her

Mercy was all alone in the world.

Animal rescuers are incredibly kind people who give their time to help creatures in need. This job can be very challenging since a distressed animal may lash out. It’s also just simply hard to see so many animals in distress.

Judy Obregon Rossell is one of these animal rescuers. And she’s set herself a difficult but necessary task: she helps dogs left at a notorious dumping ground.

Every single day, Judy ventures to a site in Echo Lake of Fort Worth, Texas that is known for being a popular spot where people dump unwanted animals.

Judy checks to see if there are any scared and lonely dogs who are in need of food, healthcare, and a new home.

Thankfully when she came across Mercy, she wasn’t too late to see her.

Though Mercy was still alive, she was in bad shape with fractures and broken bones that required a specialized surgery.

“Unfortunately we do not know what happened to Mercy and can only assume the worse based on her injuries,” Judy wrote on Facebook. “It is disturbing that Mercy had to deal with evil people at such a young age, I don’t even want to think about it!!!”

Thanks to The Abandoned Ones “Saving Animals in Danger”, or TAO, they were able to raise funds to pay for Mercy’s surgery, which cost a few thousand dollars.

The vet gave her a little pink bunny to comfort her as she recovered.

“Mercy has the sweetest soul that I can’t imagine the pain she endured, the fear of laying in the ditch she was found in,” Mercy said. “Dumped and ignored as she laid there in pain.”

Judy is the founder and CEO of TAO. They rescue animals from bad situations.

As mentioned before, Judy often finds abandoned dogs at the dumping ground that just don’t make it. The signs of abuse some of these dogs appear to have suffered are just unthinkable.

But thanks to Judy and the TAO, some of those dogs don’t have to continue suffering.

“You know that is one thing about animals I so love is that they are so loving and resilient regardless of what evil humans do to them,” Judy said.

Judy is basically a dog rescue angel. Sent from heaven to save dogs, heal them, and love them.

And so is the rest of the team at TAO. If you’re able, you can make a donation to them to help them save even more unfortunate animals.

Thankfully, Mercy’s story has a great ending.

It’s now been over four years since Mercy’s rescue. In that time, she has healed from her wounds and also been adopted into a wonderful forever home. But the sweetest thing is she have never forgotten the woman who saved her.

In fact, she still has the pink bunny from the day she was rescued.

We’re so glad Mercy is happy, healthy, and in such a good place. This sweet girl deserves the best in life.

Check out a video about Mercy’s story below!

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