Freezing stray dog meets his kind savior and it’s so wholesome

Those aren’t tears in my eyes, it’s snowing!

We’re starting to feel the cold weather, and it’s time to get things warm.

We usually prepare our homes to become cozier and warmer when winter approaches, especially when we often experience snowstorms. Our preparation includes tending the lawn, clearing the pavement, stocking up on firewood and food, and ensuring the heating works well.

This is one advantage that we have – a warm home. However, not everyone is lucky.

Others can’t pay to fix the heating, don’t have enough money to stock up, and their homes are colder than they can bear. Yet, they must power through the biting cold until the cold season is over.

But you know who could have it worse? The stray animals left out there.

Strays have no homes to go to unless someone lets them in their homes momentarily to keep them safe. Some animals find shelter in empty sheds, tree trunk holes, and underneath parked cars, which can be very dangerous. For most, they live out in the cold street.

That’s why this video of a man showing a stray dog some love became viral.

A stray dog was lying along the pavement outside an empty building. Snow was heavy and thick, and the dog seemed cold. For warm-blooded animals, the weather was extreme and could be deadly.

Thanks to this stranger, the dog won’t be cold for too long.

He approached the dog and gave him food. Then, he did something that surprised the people. He went the extra mile by taking off his coat and wrapping it around the dog. By the looks of it, even the dog was surprised by his kindness.

The man simply walked away and into the snow, one layer colder than when he walked in.

This heartwarming moment was captured by a nearby security camera on the store across that building. There was a reported theft, and the store reviewed whatever footage they had and was surprised when they saw this.

The good Samaritan named Bülent Kalpakçıoğlu was a municipal worker in Giresun Turkey.

He happened to be nearby when he saw the dog. In an interview with The Dodo, he said that if he didn’t give his jacket, it would have eaten his conscience because he would be reminded of how he sits warm at home while this stray animal is out in the cold.

Because of this, the mayor of Giresun awarded Bülent’s act of kindness.

Mayor Kerim Aksu gave him a certificate and token as a reward for his kindness. The mayor said during the awarding:

“Animals are our friends. We love people, we love our city, we love all living things that are an integral part of us and our city.”

True enough, Giresun has been proactive in giving shelter to stray animals.

Mayor Aksu said that Bülent’s actions were a lesson on humanity. He assured that the city would provide more protection for stray animals. On the other hand, Bülent hoped that what he did would inspire others to do the same.

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