Pitbull left in abandoned school lets out a heartbreaking howl to the rescuers

The dog just wanted a home.

A local heard howling coming from a nearby abandoned school.

But instead of dismissing it as some urban legend, the local went on to investigate. Getting into an abandoned property can be terrifying but if their suspicions are correct, the good Samaritan might actually save a life.

The good Samaritan called a local rescue shelter for help.

As posted by the Stray Rescue of St. Louis, they narrated how the strange howling resulted in a rescue of an abandoned dog.

They rushed to the abandoned school and confirmed the report. From one of the broken windows, a brown pitbull stared down on them. He was staying on one of the upper floors of the building.

The dog looked at them with expectant curiosity.

Maybe the dog was thinking that someone was about to take him away from this lonely place. That maybe these humans meant well, and that they’ll be nice to him.

The team quickly looked for a way inside the building.

Windows and doors were boarded up and the only passage they found was through one of the broken windows. They carefully climbed in and found themselves amid an eerie sight.

The whole place seemed to be stuck in time. Messages and reminders on bulletin boards were still posted. Streamers hung from the walls and scattered books still filled some of the shelves.

The team pushed on to look for the dog they thought was abandoned.

“Working our way down a dark hallway we located a set of stairs,” the description on their YouTube video said, “Suddenly, a sweet little face peeked around the corner at us!”

His head was bowed low. He was a little timid but he still looked up at the rescuers with his sweet eyes. And while his gaze was promising, his figure told another story. His ribs stuck out from his fur like it was a second skin.

They didn’t even coax the dog to come with them.

He was already ready to go.

But before they can leave the school for good, the team wanted to make sure that they leave no dog behind. The good Samaritan who made the call claimed that they might have heard two dogs.

They double-checked every part of the building as much as they can. Fortunately, he’s the only dog in that lonely school.

Their rescue was far from over, though.

They needed to go back to the way they came together with the pittie. That meant climbing up to the broken window they came through.

The team carefully positioned themselves so they could pass the poor dog safely through the exit. To their relief, their rescue ended without any injuries.

The pitbull was so thankful for their help.

They shared that all throughout the trip, he was sprawled across their laps and has a huge smile on his face. A dog, especially someone this sweet and loving, doesn’t deserve to be abandoned.

When they arrived at the rescue site, he even greeted each staff member individually. From here on, he won’t have to worry about being alone. Because now he’s surrounded by people who look after him and will make sure that he’s well taken care of.

Watch how this team rescued a dog inside an abandoned school.

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