Man leaves $5 million to his dog after he passes away

I wonder what his family thinks about this.

Pets are highly dependent on their owners. They need their humans to feed, bathe, and take them for walks. They also need their humans to make sure they remain comfortable for the rest of their lives.

When Bill Dorris, a businessman from Tennessee got a Border Collie, he promised that he’d take care of her and her needs.

He remained faithful to that promise. Lulu lived a very comfortable life with the rich Tennessee man.

Even after his death, Bill prioritized Lulu’s needs.

Unmarried, he had left her in the care of Martha Burton, his 88-year-old friend. He fully trusted her to make sound decisions involving Lulu’s welfare.

Apart from ensuring that the dog will be looked after, Bill also left a good amount of money for Lulu’s care.

His will read:

“Five million dollars will be transferred to a trust to be formed upon my death for the care of my border collie, Lulu.”

It included instructions on how the money should be used. It also made clear that the dog is to stay with Martha.

The old lady wasn’t surprised.

She shared:

“I don’t really know what to think about it to tell you the truth. He just really loved the dog.”

Although Lulu received a big amount of money, she can’t spend it as she pleases.

There’s a conservator who will approve and reimburse Martha for the cost of caring for Lulu based on her reasonably monthly expenses. Martha admits that there’s no way they could ever spend that much money.

She jokingly said:

“Well, I’d like to try.”

The story easily went viral.

Well, people don’t always get to hear a story like this so it wasn’t surprising. It drew different reactions from people online, too.

Some people expressed concern about Martha’s safety.

In relation to this, one Youtube user said:

“I wish they wouldn’t have showed her face on tv because there are crazy people out here who will see as an opportunity for them to take advantage.”

Another one was worried about Lulu. He commented:

“Good for him. They need to watch for people that want to steal the dog.”

This wasn’t the first time Bill shocked the people around him and made headlines.

He had a statue of Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest built on his property. Although he admitted that it was far from high art, he refused to take the 20-foot-tall statue down. In fact, even after it was vandalized and criticized by a lot of people, the statue remained in place. For him, it was his homage to the Confederacy.

It’s not clear what’ll happen to the statue after Bill’s death. If it goes to the Battle of Nashville Trust, there’s a good chance that it’ll be removed.

Lulu’s story might sound weird for a lot of people.

The dog clearly doesn’t need $5 million. However, Bill’s action is actually amusing. Even before his death, he was able to secure Lulu’s future. He was also able to find the right person to look after her. Thanks to him and his money, the dog will be able to live a happy and comfortable life.

Watch Lulu’s interesting story below!

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