After 22 years apart, two old circus elephants finally reunited

As humans, we often think we’re different that the rest of the animal kingdom, but we really share more similarities than we may think. For instance, animals of other species can form strong bonds with their counterparts.

We often think of animals as much more short-sighted and in-the-moment than we are, but some animals have incredible memories. Certain individuals can remember each other, even after they have been apart for what seems like a lifetime.

When these two beings meet, the result is usually tear-jerking.

Two former circus elephants have had such a reunion recently, and the interaction between them has captured the hearts of animal lovers all over the world. These elephants prove that animals can feel emotions just as deeply as humans can.

The elephants instantly recognize each other when they are allowed to see each other.

They are able to recall each other’s faces as easily as we are able to recognize our own friends, but that’s not all.

This elephant reunion is extremely emotional. It means a lot to each of these beings to be able to see the other again. The sweetness of this moment serves as a small window into the spectrum of emotions that animals can feel.

Seeing these two creatures meet eyes, we can imagine how deep the bond they share is.

Working for a circus is no easy task, especially if you are a nonhuman performer. These elephants must have bonded silently over many years, creating a camaraderie that will last a lifetime.

The elephants were brought back together at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, where this incredible video was taken. Watching these two regroup will definitely pull on your heartstrings.

Shirley the elephant had to endure a commute of 14 hours across two states to be reunited with her old pal, Jenny.

The two hadn’t seen each other for over two decades, but none of that mattered when they were finally together again. They had each other, and they were overwhelmed with joy because of that fact.

Jenny waited in her grassy field while Shirley was led out of the truck.

Next, the two were lead to opposite sides of a barrier, where they were allowed to interact. They wasted no time in extending their greetings.

Once the elephants had locked eyes they intertwined their trunks. It was as if they were giving each other a warm embrace. They caressed each other’s ears, and they displayed their joy with flapping ears and deep breaths.

The keepers were absolutely captivated by this heartwarming moment.

Here was proof that the elephants did remember the other creatures who were in their lives. More than that, these magnificent beings could feel deep emotions of love and companionship.

Part of the reason this interaction was so sweet was that these two elephants were both female. A herd of elephants is led by its oldest female, and females are more likely to stick together in a herd while male elephants prefer to wander on their own. Given this group mentality, it only makes sense that female elephants will develop stronger bonds and more attachments.

If you have ever doubted that animals can form strong friendships in the same way that humans can, this video just might change your mind. It is clear in the ways the elephants interact that they each feel an immense amount of love for each other.

These two elephants share an incredible connection that’s beautiful to witness. Even though this video is a few years old now, it’s still a powerful message about the love and connection.

Check out the lovely video below.

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