Saddest cat gets the most incredible transformation

Look at that transformation!

No matter what the circumstances, there is never a good enough reason for dumping an animal out on the streets. Just like humans, animals are living, breathing creatures who feel physical and emotional pain – yet some people will still take it upon themselves to abandon an animal in the saddest way possible.

Meet Bruce Willis… the cat?

Mister Bruce Willis is a cat who has fought many battles in his life. He was found out on the streets, and he was brought into a shelter with some devastating illnesses. But the worst thing about this case had to be the emotional toll that life on the streets had had on this poor kitty.

On his first day at the shelter, Bruce was photographed through the bars of his kennel, and people soon dubbed him as “the saddest cat ever.”

Bruce was a completely broken cat, physically and mentally. He had scars crisscrossing his body, an injured eye, chipped teeth, and a feline immunodeficiency virus. It was a miracle that he was still alive.

Looking at the pain in his eyes, it’s hard to imagine what human would be able to do such a thing to a cat.

FIV is very similar to HIV – though a human cannot catch FIV off a cat. Cats infected with this virus “have a weaker immune system, so they are more prone to getting infections, such as upper respiratory infections, ringworm and dental disease.” But just like with HIV, with proper treatment, FIV positive cats can live a totally normal life.

It was crucial that Bruce began his treatment right away.

Vets determined that Mr Willis was around 6 years old, so he had a good chance at getting adopted. But cat’s lives are relatively short, and it breaks our hearts to think that he lived out a good portion of it on the streets, riddled with pain and hurt.

Bruce wouldn’t have lived for much longer if he hadn’t have been brought into the shelter when he did.

Thanks to his treatment, Bruce made a remarkable recovery. He loved spending time with the volunteers, and had transformed from the “saddest cat around” to “the sweetest and most affectionate boy around!” He was brimming with love and affection, and he needed someone to share it with.

Luckily, that someone was just about to walk into the Animal Humane Society of Minnesota.

It was International Cat Day when Sandra paid a visit to her local shelter.

She had been looking on the shelter’s website when she came across the pictures of Master Willis, and her heart instantly belonged to him.

There was just one bump in the road- Sandra’s landlord didn’t allow her to have pets. She desperately asked him if he would consider changing his mind, and in the meantime, she visited Bruce every day. The bond between the pair soon grew.

Finally, the best news came through- Sandra’s landlord approved for Bruce to live with her! It was the happiest day of her life.

Since he’s lived with Sandra, Bruce is now unrecognizable. Gone is the sad, defeated, sick cat, and in his place is a healthy, happy boy who lives every day of his life to the fullest.

Check out his Instagram below!

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