Piglets rescued from slaughterhouse take their first steps to freedom

The moment they start running is so beautiful to watch.

It’s always disheartening to see an animal forced to live in discomfort. The story of a pig named Hope Apple Blossom starts like this, with the poor pig and her babies forced to spend their lives in darkness.

But thankfully, they were saved and given a wonderful new home.

Hope Apple Blossom and her piglets were rescued from a slaughter farm by Viva! and Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary.

The rescuers couldn’t wait to let the mama pig and her babies feel what it was like to play and frolic outside.

The priceless video that was filmed is one of the most heart-melting scenes you’ll ever witness. It is their very first moment of freedom, and the happiness that you can see on their face is so sweet, you might want to grab a tissue.

At first, when the barn door is opened, the little piggies are a bit hesitant and aren’t sure what to do or where to go, but it isn’t long until they realize they’re free to roam.

An experience they’d never felt before.

The piglets can’t contain their excitement as their run around in the open field and play in the mud for the very first time.

The baby pigs are just ecstatic as they run full speed from one end of the yard to the other. They’d never been able to move so fast or so far before. It was such an unforgettable and joyous moment for these adorable babies.

It’s not long before Hope Apple Blossom decides to join her little ones for a stroll outside. The weather is windy and on the verge of rain, but the rescuers wanted to make sure that this moment happened for the mother pig and her piglets.

“This is the moment we’ve been waiting for, little piglets and mama are outside! Yay!” the rescuer at the sanctuary says with joy and excitement.

Even though the little pigs are having no problem exploring around on their own, the rescuer said that they are still very obedient to their mother.

If mom calls them, all of them will go running toward her, until they sneak off to explore again, of course.

As soon as Hope Apple Blossom gets her feet on some grass, she can’t help but start to really let loose. She runs, spins, and jumps around on the wet green grass.

Her happiness is palpable through the screen.

The pigs dig in the dirt and mud, smiles on their faces that look almost human. It’s clear that they’re all so happy to be in this wonderful spot, a place where they can finally enjoy their lives.

Check out the heartwarming video below!

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