Poor pitbull found in a crate at the bottom of the dumpster

This sweet pup badly needed help.

Bowie the pit bull didn’t have the best start to his life. Despite the little pup being sweet, caring, and full of love, somebody decided that they were going to leave him in the dumpster as if he was a piece of trash.

“One of our adopters was taking out the trash. She heard something in the dumpster, and when she looked inside, she found Bowie locked in a wire kennel, thrown away in the dumpster like trash,” Sarah Coffman, founder of Wichita Animal Action League recalled.

It was unclear where Bowie had lived before he was found in the trash, and what kind of conditions he had endured. But wherever he had come from, it was obvious that his life had been full of neglect.

Bowie’s ribs jutted out of his chest, and he was so weak that he could barely stand up, let alone walk.

Despite everything, Bowie was still the sweetest of dogs. The very same day he was rescued, he put his head into Sarah’s lap and looked up at her with big, trusting eyes.

It was at that moment that Sarah vowed to do whatever she could to give Bowie the best life possible.

Bowie was a very poorly pup and had to stay in the hospital for a week for 24-hour round-the-clock care. Meanwhile, his new foster parents Lee and Darcey were preparing for him to come home with them.

When the day came and Bowie was well enough, he was taken to a loving home for the first time in his entire life.

He spent 2 months in his new home, and putting on weight wasn’t an issue for Bowie!

In fact, he loved food so much that his foster parents had to feed him using slow feeders or puzzles to slow down his eating!

As Bowie’s story was shared online, people from all over began to fall in love with him.

Connie and Matt were next to foster Bowie, and Darcey found it incredibly difficult to let him go.

“I was trying to convince my husband that we needed to foster Bowie and I was really reluctant to take Bowie to Connie’s house to foster,” Darcey said. “But when we pulled up at her house, she had this big sign on the door that said ‘Welcome Bowie’ and I just said ‘oh my God, this is where he needs to be.’”

Although Matt and Connie were only supposed to be fostering Bowie, like Connie, they instantly fell in love with the dog. They knew that they had to take him before he stole someone else’s heart.

“It was just something about those eyes that was like, ‘oh my gosh, we need to help this dog,’ Connie recalled. “I sent Matt a text asking ‘can we keep him?’ and Matt said ‘I can’t believe it took you 2 days to ask.’”

Bowie still wasn’t used to walking far, so his new adoptive parents started by taking him on a 20-yard walk while he found his feet.

Within a couple of weeks, Bowie had progressed to being able to walk around the block – and one day, he realized the sheer enjoyment in running.

Every week, the family takes a trip out to get Bowie his very own Pup Cone – an ice cream that is specially made for dogs. It’s a dream day out for a foodie like Bowie!

Gone is the tired, weak dog who was first found in the dumpster. Bowie is now so full of energy that Connie describes him as an Energizer Bunny who “runs like a racehorse.”

“He held his head so low before, and now he stands tall and proud,” Connie said.

Watch the video of Bowie’s emotional story below.

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