Orphaned bear brothers reunite after being separated for months

Rescuers held their breaths as they watched the brothers approach each other.

For the first time after a long while, two bear cubs are finally getting reunited.

After being separated for seven months, rescuers were a bit nervous about the reunion. Will they be able to recognize each other? Will they become aggressive towards each other? Or will they play like how they used to?

The bear cubs were found in Karen and Dave’s lot.

They live in a 50-acre plot. And with this swath of land, collision with wildlife is unavoidable. To monitor the movements of the animals living around the area, the couple set up a wildlife camera.

Included in the animals is a bear family. Karen and Dave shared to The Dodo that they watched the bear cubs grow up since they came out of their den last spring.

“They came almost nightly.” The couple told The Dodo, “and the little cubs would rassle and play.”

From the moments they caught on tape, they know the bear cubs were siblings.

To further support their assumptions, they shared that they saw the cubs nurse on their mother. The couple hoped to watch more of these bears and see them grow to maturity in their place.

They continued to watch their progress all throughout the summer, but disaster struck.

A wildfire ravaged across their area.

The intense flame covered the woods quickly and indiscriminately. The disaster has left ash and broken animal families in its wake.

Unlike humans who can evacuate, animals don’t have much of a choice. It’s difficult to outrun the flames if you’re living inside the forest and when it catches up, you’re sure to leave scarred and scathed. That is if you’re lucky enough to survive.

Fortunately, the cubs managed to escape the flames.

But their condition was so dire that people thought they’re sure to perish. With their wildlife camera footage, they saw one of the cubs dragging his feet. The other one was walking on her elbows. Amid the desolation, the cubs persisted.

Karen and Dave quickly acted when they saw the injured cubs.

They called wildlife officials and shared what they saw on the footage. PAWS, an organization that specializes in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation came to their property to retrieve the bears.

Fortunately, the rescue operation came in just time. The bears suffered second and third-degree burns. The veterinarians shared that the bears would not have survived their injuries without rescuers’ intervention.

Both cubs were treated and were given separate areas to recover.

During this time, the sibling spent the entire time being away from each other. This worried the team behind their recovery. They were afraid that they might not recognize each other after all these months.

After recovering, they immediately arranged a reunion.

Separated by a small door, the cubs rolled and wrestled with the things around them. They are, after all, still playful kids.

The team then opened the small door. The two bears quickly took a peek through each other’s holding areas. They seem to know that someone is on the other side of their walls.

Everyone held their breath when one of them entered the other’s enclosure.

One of the bears quickly dropped whatever he got on his mouth so he can properly greet his brother with a playful bite. They quickly climbed over each other and wrestled just like they always do.

They may have spent months apart, but they never forgot who they grew up with. And even in the face of disaster, their bond persisted and never faded.

Much to everyone’s relief, the reunion turned out to be better than they anticipated. Hopefully, these two will never be separated again.

Watch how two bear cub siblings meet again for the first time after a long while.

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