Journalist jumps in to save trapped horse in the wildfire

As wildfires blazed, one journalist stopped to help an animal in need.

During a wildfire in Southern California, one poor horse got stuck in a difficult situation. This wildfire spread quickly, and people and animals both had to run from their homes as fast as they could. Unfortunately, one horse didn’t make it before the blazes came for his stable.

The 23-year-old horse, Kenny, tried to run out of his stable. But while running, he tripped and got stuck in a crevice between the stable walls.

He was stuck there, trapped on his back, as the wildfire got closer and closer.

Thankfully, a local journalist named Gina Silva noticed the trapped horse.

Silva and her team from KTTV Fox News were on the street, reporting on the wildfires. As they walked around, Silva happened to notice poor Kenny trapped in his stable. Silva and her team wanted to help Kenny, but they couldn’t do it on their own.

All the firefighters around them were busy trying to contain the raging wildfires. So Silva turned to social media to see if she could find someone to help Kenny.

The tweet worked—a local veterinarian contacted Silva and said he could help. Many locals also said they would come and help rescue Kenny.

The rescuers all gathered outside Kenny’s stable. The veterinarian gave Kenny a tranquilizer to keep him calm. Then, the rescuers broke down the wall where Kenny was trapped.

Working together, the rescuers quickly tore down the wall and freed Kenny!

The veterinarian took Kenny to his clinic, where he treated the horse’s minor injuries. Kenny thankfully recovered quickly, and he’s now doing well.

The veterinarian also got in contact with Kenny’s owner, who was grateful that the rescuers had helped her horse. She hadn’t been able to take Kenny when she was fleeing her home, and she was so happy that he was okay.

When Kenny’s owner returned home, she sent Silva flowers to thank her for rescuing her beloved horse.

Silva also shared more photos of the horse on Instagram. The post received hundreds of likes and comment from Instagram users who wanted to know more about the daring horse rescue.

Thanks to Silva, Kenny survived the wildfire and got to be rescued with his relieved owner. What a hero!

If you’d like to see a video of the rescue, check it out below.

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