Man jumps from his truck immediately to save dog trapped in the canal

The man was just at the right place and time to save a dog from drowning.

There are some people in the world that will risk their own lives to save someone. It doesn’t matter who needs saving, whether it’s a friend or a stranger, it’s always admirable to see people who are selfless in a heroic way.

We consider firefighters to be heroes, but anyone could be one.

Firefighters save us from a blazing fire, and it is their job to risk themselves whenever a civilian is in trouble. However, they are not the only ones who are capable of doing things like these. In fact, a lot of professions are meant to protect citizens and help them in any way they can.

However, you’d just be surprised that a mere garbage collector proves to everyone that it is not about the profession — it’s about whether you have the heart to act.

Two garbage collectors were making rounds with their garbage truck when one of them noticed something from afar.

It’s just another day for these two garbage collectors in Mexico as they drive their truck around the area they’re assigned. They were on to their usual route, collecting garbage from house to house. However, their ordinary day turned differently from what they expected when one of them noticed something odd in the canal as they pass through an agricultural area.

“I saw something moving in the water,” one of the garbage collectors, Zarate, told The Dodo in an interview. “I kept looking until I could identify that it was a dog. I told my partner to stop.”

Looking closely, Zarate realized that it was a helpless dog paddling its paws, desperate to keep its head up in the water. Without second thought, Zarate immediately leaped out of the truck to try and save the dog.

It would have been easy for them to ignore the situation and proceed with their job, but Zarate simply couldn’t leave the dog. Zarate brought a sack and rushed toward the drowning dog. He tried extending the sack towards the dog, in hopes that it would grab it. However, the dog had no strength to do so since it was already exhausted.

The dog continued drifting on the water, and the garbage collector had no choice but to try another plan. Zarate raced forward and waited for the pooch to drift close enough to land as he knew that it was his only chance to save the dog. Fortunately, Zarate managed to grab the dog before it drifted away from him.

The rescued pooch shows how thankful he is to his savior.

Zarate and his partner were relieved that they were successful in saving the dog. Once the dog slightly recovered from his exhaustion, he then turned to his savior to thank him. The dog happily wagged its tail and jumped onto Zarate to hug him and lick his face as a sign of thanks.

“After staying with us for a moment, he ran off cheerfully back home,” Zarate said. “I thanked God I was able to save him.”

The clip immediately went viral online.

The owners who lived on a ranch near the scene were unaware that their dog almost drowned. They surely were thankful for the kind rescuer.

“I’m sure he has good owners. He must just have had an accident,” Zarate told The Dodo.

Thanks to Zarate, the dog was able to live happily and healthy in its home once again. If it wasn’t for his selfless heroic acts, who knows what might happen to the pooch.

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