Senior cat won’t stop looking for his best friend after getting adopted

These two love each other so much.

Seeing a senior animal in a shelter is always disheartening. You can’t help but wonder how the animal ended up there. Did they come from a home that simply couldn’t keep them anymore, or were they always on their own? When you see a senior animal in a shelter kennel, you know there’s a story there.

It’s also very challening to find homes for senior animals. People often look for younger animals, leaving senior animals to spend weeks or months in a shelter.

It’s already difficult to find forever homes for older cats in shelters, but finding two senior cats a home? The odds are not in your favor.

But one woman decided to beat those odds and not only adopt the two cats, but reunite two best friends as well. This is the lovely story of 11-year-old Mojo and 16-year-old Max.

These handsome kitties were dropped off to Anne Arundel County Animal Control in Maryland.

They had been together for years, but it was uncertain whether they would be together forever.

The shelter’s policy mandated that the cats had to be kept in separate cages, with both of the senior cats trying to secure an individual spot in a forever home.

“About a month ago, this lady adopted Mojo, an 11-year-old cat who came to the shelter with another cat, Max, who is 16,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

“Mojo has been a wonderful pet, she said, but she couldn’t get Max out of her mind,” the shelter continued. “‘The idea of him living out his life in a cage just broke my heart,’ she said.”

Mojo felt a disturbance as well. When he arrived to his forever home, he loved it, but the cat could tell something was still missing.

So the woman went back to the shelter and promptly adopted Max, thus reuniting the two old friends. Max was too excited to be taken out of the shelter, and to his happy surprise, he was reunited with Mojo!

The two have been inseparable ever since.

Clearly the two were meant to spend the rest of one of their nine lives’ together

And they were together for the rest of Max’s life.

It’s now been a few years since the pair were adopted. Sadly, Max passed away about a year after he was adopted at 17 years old.

“He was only in our lives for a short time but we are heartbroken,” Max’s mom wrote. “We’re comforted knowing that his final home was with a family who loved him very much. Rest in peace, Maxie boy.”

Thankfully, Max’s last year of life was filled with lots of love and plenty of time with his best friend.

Mojo is still doing well, and he’s enjoying his golden years with his mom. We’re sure he misses Max, but being with someone who loves him so much is certainly a big comfort. If you’d like to follow Mojo’s adventures, check out his Instagram page.

Check out a sweet video of Mojo below!

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