Man adopts and save the rescue dog not expecting him to return the favor

This might prove rescue dogs make “life saving” pets!

What does it mean to owe someone a “life debt”? Well, it usually means that someone quite literally owes their life to you.

Whether it was some impossible life-or-death situation that turned out for the better or just a kind action that allowed someone to make it one more day, these sorts of debts and promises aren’t easily forgotten.

Many people feel that the only way to “pay back” a life debt is to rescue their life in return!

For one dog named Sadie, that she would be both saved and the savior, all in the course of a few days. The story is heartbreaking, but ultimately, one with a great ending.

Sadie was living at Ramapo-Bergen Animal Rescue in New Jersey.

This shelter wasn’t like other shelters in the area – this particular location was what’s called a “last resort” shelter. To be plain, it’s where the animals who nobody else wanted went to live out the rest of their days.

For Sadie, a massive German Shepherd, the story of how she ended up at Ramapo-Bergen wasn’t a great one.

Sadie was nearly 100-pounds and wasn’t comfortable around men (she had some trust issues). With those factors against her record, three shelters had already turned the poor dog away.

Sadie’s owner had moved and had to surrender her.

Without an owner and at a last resort shelter, Sadie didn’t have a lot of options. That was until Brian Myers showed up. Brian was looking for a loving dog that didn’t have anywhere else to turn.

Upon hearing her story, Brian knew it was meant to be.

Brian wanted to save a life with his adoption, and he believed Sadie was going to make a great friend. What Brian didn’t know was that Sadie was going to return the favor.

Getting out of bed one morning, Brain felt woozy and fell straight on his face.

The dizzy spell wasn’t just momentary; Brian had suffered a stroke.

Brian lives alone, and his cell-phone was across the room on his dresser. Paralyzed and with no way to call for help, this looked like it was going to be Brian’s last moments.

Then, a familiar faced peeked around the corner of the bed – it was Sadie!

Walking up to her friend, she knew something was wrong. The grizzled dog stuck her head up close, allowing Brian to grab her collar. Once he had a good grip, she literally dragged him across the room to his phone!

Sadie had never been trained as a service dog, but rescue dogs have a history of being incredibly loyal.

After being abandoned before, Sadie wasn’t about to give up the man who showed her so much love! After he got on the phone, Brian was able to call an ambulance. His recovery took a few weeks, but right as he was going to be released, he got a very excited visitor – Sadie!

In the perfect ending of this story, Sadie jumps up and starts kissing her friend’s face, never mind his mask and glasses being knocked off in the process!

Check out a video of the incredible story below!

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