Dog fakes limp to empathize with his owner

I don’t know if he was making fun of or empathizing with his dad!

Our dogs know how to make us love them – they can’t help it! Even in the silly things they do, it still just reinforces our feelings for them. In fact, it may just be that the sillier they are, the more we are reminded how much we love our furry friends.

For one man, his dog decided to mock him when he was hurt!

It’s the ultimate sign of friendship if someone can make fun of you when you are in pain. It’s almost like making a joke about a situation makes things easier to handle and pulls us out of our melancholy.

Russel Jones broke his ankle back in June, and his family gave him a lot of sympathy; well, most of them did.

His dog, Bill, was maybe the only one who didn’t quite coddle him as the rest of his family did. It might depend on how you look at the situation, though. Maybe his dog was just extra empathetic? We’ll let you decide.

Bill is a lurcher, a mix between a sighthound and a retriever of some sort.

With so much energy, Bill love to run around and play all day long. Once he noticed that his dad was hurt, however, his entire demeanor changed. Russel’s wife, Michelle, even spotted something hilarious one day.

Whenever Bill was around his injured dad, he would walk with a limp!

Every morning when the two were together, Bill would put on a little limp so his dad wouldn’t be alone in his inability to walk correctly. It was so convincing that she actually began to worry for the health of their dog!

Taking Bill to the doctor, they found out that there wasn’t a single thing wrong with their puppy.

Bill was just one big faker! They realized what was happening when they saw him acting differently when he was away from his dad. When he wasn’t around, he would leap and play like nothing was wrong at all. It all became clear what was happening then.

Bill had been copying his dad, who was also limping!

That sneaky little pup!

Cost me £300 in vet fees and X-rays,” Jones wrote on a Lurcher Facebook group. “Nothing wrong just sympathy. Love him.”

Sympathy sure cost them quite a lot in vet bills, but at least they learned that their pup is just a big, empathetic goofball who will copy what he sees his dad do.

They were even able to capture a video of Bill limping around while walking with his dad.

That faker was just trying to make his dad feel better in the only way he thought would work; dogs don’t understand medicine! At least the family got a hilarious story and video out of it!

Not everyone has been blessed with such a kind dog. We secretly think that he might have been making fun of his dad with his limping. I guess we will never know. Maybe laughter is truly the best medicine!

Check out the funny video below!

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