Construction worker stops his project to save hummingbird and her babies

Instead of going about their business, the kind-hearted workers stopped to help save the mama and her babies’ lives.

Ever wondered why you never get to see baby hummingbirds in their nests? Well, these birds are so talented when it comes to making the best-camouflaged nests that you can hardly spot them.

In fact, there might already be one among your flowers or bushes, but you won’t find out. And, even if you do, be warned that you can’t mess with it.

It is illegal to move or generally to interfere with an “active” nest, so you’d better leave those birds and their eggs alone.

If it is absolutely necessary for the nest to be removed, then calling a local rescue organization may be your best bet.

This is what some construction workers in downtown Las Vegas did, when they bumped into a hummingbird nest as they were working in a parking garage.

The men had been working on this project for a long time, and it was by no means an easy one. The old parking garage would turn into an apartment building and it required hard work.

At the time, they were about to put some insulation around some pipes, but they realized there was a hummingbird nest on one of the pipes.

This would not only make their work even harder, but it may harm the two eggs lying in the nest. So, the men had to come up with a solution.

They called the local rescue organization and, following their instructions, they managed to sweetly save the nest and the hummingbird family.

“She can’t stay because they wouldn’t make it through the process, so we’re trying to relocate her so that they can live,” superintendant Mike Vivier said.

Another worker commented on how rare of a sight it was.

“I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve seen pigeons, obviously, with nests; I’ve seen any kind of rodents and stuff like that- but never anything cool as a hummingbird.”

Instead of simply going about their business, the construction workers paused their project at Share Downtown, and started working on moving the nest to a safer place.

They made a birdhouse far enough from the garage to be safe, but this might lead to some confusion on the bird’s part.

“The challenge is her finding it out there,” Vivier said, “but we’re not moving it very far.”

The men put some red objects around the nest to attract the mom hummingbird because it is crucial for the babies to have their mother around when they come out.

“Baby hummingbirds need to eat every 15 minutes when they’re unfeathered,” Wren Blossfeld of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Utah, said. “and then up to 30 minutes when they’re feathered.”

Experts agreed that the mother would find the nest even though it had been handled by humans.

As the construction workers explained, once the eggs have hatched, they will move them back inside the garage.

What an amazing story. It is always uplifting to realize that there are still people who would take a moment or two to save animals in danger instead of just minding their own business.

Watch the video below to see an interview with the big-hearted construction workers!

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