Mama cow proudly show her new baby to the owner

Oh my goodness, this is absolutely precious.

Is that a small clone or was mom a victim of “copy and paste”?

She’s a proud mom. This mama cow comes from a distance accompanied by her kid.

It’s a beautiful day out so there’s a lot of wind noise but you can see how happy they both are.

Mommy cow is very proud of her mini me. She brings her little one to the woman filming for some show and tell.

Cassie M. commented,

“I love the cow nudging the baby like “say hi to aunt Amy, you’ve met her” and the baby’s like “I have no idea who or what this is.”

If that calf is not of all of us…

It’s like mom was just showing her kid the sights and sounds of the place when an unexpected relative shows up, demanding attention.

We’ve all been there. The difference is that these cows are actually happy to see to their guest.

Cows have a gestation period of nine months. They are very much in demand all over the planet for meat, milk, and other trades. So people tend to their cattle, ensuring they produce healthy offspring. It’s good business.

Fun Facts from beef2live:

• Cattle produce about 25 billion pounds of meat each year.

• The combined value of the cattle and beef industry is $200 billion.

• The hide from one cow can make 144 baseballs, 20 footballs or 12 basketballs.

• Disneyland (CA) sells over 4 million hamburgers each year.

And the numbers are growing.

This moment is actually really cute as it gives us insight into the lives of cattle.

It’s easy to see them as commodities. We often ignore the fact that they’re living, breathing animals.

They are cute too. When you see them grazing without a care in the world, not knowing what their future holds, take a moment to appreciate these animals.

Say hi to the little cow!

It’s not that different from momma cats bringing thier kittens to their humans or dogs showing off their puppies.

Such a cute cow kid! If only we could carry them for some cuddles.

See, they weigh in at around 80 pounds during birth, then will want to stand up to nurse. That’s three weeks of living on mom’s milk alone so they grow strong and healthy.

Typical western dairy cows are usually milked twice per day and produces on average 30 litres (8 gallons) of milk daily.

That’s a lot of milk.

Some people get attached to them once they spend time with cows.

“My sister has cows on her farm and I’ve spent time with them. I learned they like music and they really like to play and the calves remember me even after months have passed…. I no longer eat beef.”

Says Rob.

Maybe after seeing this video, you’ll have a change of heart too. There’s over 5.6 million views for this adorable calf so it stands to reason that some of those viewers have gone vegan.

Check out this proud mama and her cute cow calf below!

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