Pitbull found protecting a frail kitten in the junkyard

This kind pit bull wouldn’t leave without her friend.

One day, animal rescue group Dallas DogRRR heard about a pit bull that was dumped on the side of a busy road. They immediately knew they wanted to rescue her, and so they went to the junkyard where she had taken refuge. A kind man who worked there was looking after the pup, who was very sweet and loved getting head scratches.

The rescuers named the dog Pitty.

When Dallas DogRRR arrived at the junkyard, they learned that Pitty wasn’t alone. She was looking after a tiny two-day-old kitten.

The man who worked at the junkyard led the rescuers to the kitten, Pitty following close behind.

When the rescuers reached the kitten, it wasn’t moving, and the rescuers started fearing the worst. But then, the kitten started crying, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

It was clear from Pitty’s appearance that she had just had puppies, but sadly, it seemed they had been taken away from her.

Pitty seemed to have adopted Kitty, who was abandoned by her mother. She licked the kitten to keep her clean, and she nursed her.

Dallas DogRRR brought the pair over to Mercy Animal Clinic, where they were cared for by a veterinarian named Dr. Hamlin. The vet was shocked to see how bonded the pair were—in his 28-year career, he’d never seen anything like it.

It turned out, the pair was extremely lucky. Pitty’s milk ran out soon after she was rescued—if the rescuers had waited any longer, she wouldn’t have been able to nurse Kitty anymore.

Pitty was in good health, but Kitty needed more care. Dallas DogRRR was able to find a good foster home for Pitty, and so for the first time, the pair was separated. When Kitty was out of sight, Pitty started howling—she already missed her baby.

The next morning, Pitty’s foster parents brought her over to the clinic. Pitty was so happy to see Kitty. She started cleaning her right away, and she refused to leave the kitten’s side.

Since they were so bonded, Dallas DogRRR planned to adopt Kitty and Pitty out together. But unfortunately, Kitty suffered malformations in her kidney and bladder, and she passed away about a week after arriving at the clinic. Even though Kitty sadly didn’t live long, her weeks on Earth were filled with love thanks to her sweet, caring pitbull mom.

Soon after this, Pitty found her forever home.

While Pitty was clearly still sad about Kitty, she did adjust to her new home. Her new parents had another dog, and Pitty quickly bonded with him.

Pitty’s new parents shared some photos from the pup’s first days with the vet clinic. Pitty quickly settled into her new home, and her new fur-parents loved her so much.

After everything Pitty went through, we’re so glad she found a wonderful forever home, a place where she will always feel safe. That’s what she deserves.

Check out a video about Kitty and Pitty below.

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